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See God!

for they shall see God” (Matt 5:8)

Now in my last post I equated this promise for the most part to us going into the presence of God. Pure hearts allowed us to come close to Him. But today I want to suggest the other side of this coin.
Here is a question for you to ponder? When Jesus died, the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. Why? Was it to let man in, or the let God out? Surely we are told more than once in Hebrews to approach the throne of God, so clearly God intends for us to see our way clear to access His domain. But I think for centuries, men have been satisfied with a religion that told them exactly where to find God at all times, but now we have a God on the loose!
What I am getting at is that not only can the pure in heart approach the throne of God; I believe the pure in heart will see God show up in day to day life.Where we go, He is sure to follow (well, lead might be a better word). He will be in the workplace and schoolroom with us. When we pray for our family members, co-workers, classmates, employees and employers, God will show up and confirm His Word with signs following.
This is where I really get turned on. It is one thing for me to begin to look more spiritual, and walk through like a great saint. But when God starts walking through my life with me in tangible ways, that is real Christianity, the kind of Christianity that Christ died for. [Tweet This]
Thanks for reading today.

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  1. Ben Nelson

    Marissa says: I see the Lord with me all the time in small ways, millions of prayers answered, getting me a job yesterday where they are paying me $13,000 over what they initially told me was their top number and I didn't even ask for it!, I see Him teaching me daily in the scriptures or just ideas that He has me pondering. lately He has been teaching me the importance of knowing His word as the end draws near. We MUST know what we believe and why so we don't fall prey to untruths, cults, deception of all kinds. I see the Lord in the faces of the opld folks at the nursing home and the workers. I feel His presence many morning when Don and I pray together. Like an old Third Day song, "he's Everywhere"

  2. cshowers

    Hallelujah! When I saw that you had written a post on this very topic a few months ago, I had to check it out. 🙂 It blesses me to see how the Lord speaks the same words to each of His children and they come alive in different ways! Thanks so much for sharing.


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