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Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.(Matt 5:9 – NASB)

The word “Peacemaker” interests me in that it only appears one time in all of the Greek New Testament. It is made up of (you guessed it) 2 root words. There are those who say it means to be a peace lover, or pacific or peaceful person, but the majority fall to the side of a more active idea. This peacemaker is not an appeaser, not one who avoids conflict. Rather one who makes peace is one who actively does what is necessary to end conflict. I really like the definition for the “maker” part of the word. Check out this excerpt from the
I love this because it is such a call to action. We cannot sit passively by and hope for peace. Peace is produced – it is made –it is the product of peacemaking activity! Let me say that one more time: Peace is the product of peacemaking activity! [Tweet This]
Again, as we covered in Friday's post, “What Peace?” we are talking about the peace that passes understanding from reconciliation with the Father. When you enter into this peace you immediately have an active roll in helping others find the way to this peace. If you are a Christian, if you call Jesus Lord, and live with the expectation of a place prepared for you beyond the grave, you are called to be a peacemaker.
Peacemaking starts with praying for those with whom we have some influence. God will make clear paths for you to step into, in order to help others find peace in their life, and more importantly peace with the Father.
Start today – Ask the Lord for the who and the how, and you will be amazed at the opportunities you see. Tell me about them! I can’t wait to hear what God has done with your submitted life!
Thanks for reading.

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0 thoughts on “Peace-MAKER

  1. jenniferbuczynski

    So interesting! A lot of times I definitely think about 'pursuing peace' in terms of not disrupting it. Like in marriage, not saying critical things when something doesn't happen your way, or the like. I like your understanding of prayer as a way to make for peace for other people! -Jen 🙂

  2. Ben Nelson

    Yes - it is a strange balance. Danny Silk says that a Culture of honor is a culture of confrontation. If we just let stuff slide is actually in the long run breeds dishonor and distrust.Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Ben Nelson

    Marissa on facebook says: I like this idea as I am a "doer". I think that too often believers are way too passive about many things. But we are to "follow Jesus" which means we go where he goes, do what He did etc. Follow is an action word. I am currently praying about a family situation where reconciliation needs to happen. I will speak when I get a chance to, but for now the action is prayer. We must be right with our families and if that is not happening than we need to pray for those in conflict. I pray that my walk will always be about making and following, not sitting by watching.

  4. Ben Nelson

    Amen to that - you are one of the most "doer" folks i know. Don't get fooled into thinking that prayer is not doing - it is not all the doing that needs doing, but it is certainly the most important doing.


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