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What did you learn about God from your dad?

Hi all,

My Dad, Robert Nelson

I am trying to collect short (one paragraph - 50- 100 words) stories about good fathers. I would love to include pictures too.

I would love to have a picture to go along with the story. I will publish these stories in a blog post coming up in the middle of next week - So I can take input all week long.

I am looking for good stuff and will post positive stories. If thinking about your dad hurts, i would be glad to pray with you for that, but it would be better to get a private message for that.

Here is what you do:

1) Write a one paragraph story that answers the question. You can do it here or on face book. Or email it to me with the link at the bottom of this page.
2) Link to a picture of your dad on facebook or twitter (or anywhere else on the internet)
3) Get your friends to participate by posting this on Facebook or Twitter [Tweet Invite]

Thanks much for your help!


0 thoughts on “What did you learn about God from your dad?

  1. lauren

    My Daddy is one of my best friends, my go-to roadtrip buddy, and can and will happily fix just about anything! Here's a story that exemplifies Daddy: During my freshman year of college, my laptop broke. I went home that weekend and left the laptop for Dad to take to a repair shop that week, and a friend who was coming to visit the school the next weekend would bring it back to me then. Dad had just bought himself a new laptop, and let me borrow it for the week. Mine ended up being a quick fix, so he had it back by Tuesday morning, and rather than just sending it out with my friend on Friday, he decided to bring it back to me right then. So he drove two hours out to school, getting there right as I was getting out of class... only my Mom had told him my class times wrong, so he thought I was just starting a class, and thinking he'd just missed me, left the laptop with my RD and drove the two hours home without even seeing me! What I learned (and still learn) from Daddy is "Love is a verb."


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