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In Heaven

We need to understand that Our Father has a particular perspective on our life. There are as many perspectives on any given event as there are people who view them. There was a movie released in 2008 called “Vantage Point” which took an event and replayed through the eyes of a number of people who saw a particular event. It is interesting to me to compare notes with my kids sometimes when we see something together, what each of us perceives, and remembers.
Our Father’s perspective is "from Heaven". Have you ever looked down from the top of the Empire State Building, or some other large building? I can remember watching cars on the street level and feeling like I could see into their future. I remember watching as 2 vehicles  drew toward a corner, and they were unaware they were going to reach the intersection simultaneously. There is no way for them to know what you know, but you see the events unfolding from a completely different perspective.
Now think of Our Father’s perspective. He can see everything that is happening right at this instant, and knows all the players intimately, better than they know themselves. In addition to what is going on right now, he also knows all possible outcomes of every event facing each one of these billions of characters.  He knows the personal history of each human. What do you think this perspective adds to Our Father’s ability to give us good counsel? [Tweet This] Wisdom flavored with such knowledge would change our lives!
One more thing about perspective. In Ephesians 2:6 Paul tells us that "we are seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." It is Paul's intention that we recognize that we are not just pawns in the hands of Our Father, who is really good at chess, but rather we are partners with Christ in His mission to save the world, and in this prayer we will see that we have a role to play. So not only is heaven God’s perspective, He wants us to adopt His perspective, and look out the windows of heaven at our circumstances. This will give us a huge advantage when we try to understand the mess we are in.
Have you ever prayed through a situation and gotten a change in your perspective instead of the answer you were hoping for?
BenThanks for reading today.

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