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How does one Hallow?

Hallowed is not a word we use much today. We hear a throw back to it in the word Halloween, but there is not much we can learn from our grand October holiday about what Hallowed means.

Well, here's a surprise for you. It is a verb not an adjective! That caught me by surprise. I would have said that it simply meant that God’s name had the characteristic of being Holy, or set apart, but that is not exactly it.

It is more like we are to hallow, or reverence the name of God, but I am still not satisfied with the word reverence, because it has little meaning to us today.

One thing we might be able to understand is that the Name of God must be kept separate from anything that is not holy. This is a bigger deal than just keeping it away from that which is dirty, or ugly, like using His name to curse rather than bless.

You see Holy is not the opposite of evil, it is the opposite of common, or normal, or regular. Let that sink in for a minute. Holy is the opposite of normal. We are to make His name stand so far above normal as to be supernormal (or you could say supernatural.)

Frankly this is why I cringe just a little when folks use OMG so freely. I hate to hear God’s name (or even just a quick reference to it) used in such a common manner, so regular and every day.

The third commandment, which God gave Moses for His people, was “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.” (Exodus 20:7) I have often said when we are married a wife takes her husband’s name, and so it is when we are born again. We take Christ’s name, Christian. When we live a life that looks nothing like Christ we are taking that name in vain!

Let us, not only in our prayers, and in our words, but by our life Hallow His Name! [Tweet This]

MeWhat can you do today to Hallow His name?

Thanks for reading today. Let’s live it.


"Holy And Anointed One"  Written by John Barnett

0 thoughts on “How does one Hallow?

  1. Ste

    The Jews spell it G*d for that reason and because of the ancient tradition of not saying *HIS* name ... period. I agree about the OMG and other common uses. Our folks were very strong believers in that. I remember our dad explaining why even terms like "gee" or "golly" or "jeez" were all the same as saying "G*d" and therefore they were taking the Lord's name in vain. I'm also of the opinion that many of us use his name as sort of a comma in public prayer ending each phrase with His name or some version of it. Creeps me out... but, then G*d understands and knows our hearts, so I am sure he's OK with nearly anything we say in prayer since it gets auto-corrected by the Spirit anyway... right?

    As to parts of speech, "hallowed" can be an adjective just like "honored" is an adjective formed by a verb... if you honor (verb) something or someone, they are an "honored" (adj) person. Not a criticism of your article, just an opinion about parts of speech. Today's article was splendid, and very practical! Thanks!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Good point about the adjective/verb idea, I had just never thought about the activity of hallowing His name. I do remember Fath's comments about all those substitutions. I love your "auto correct" comment - and I am glad the Holy Spirit is better than my iPhone at that. LOL - Thanks

  2. Stephen

    That was me in case you can't tell... I thought it got my whole name in there and it posted before I had a chance to check ... oh well, call me "Ste" ... I've heard worse 🙂 I hope I got it fixed for this time...


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