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The Increase of Influence

Your kingdom come (Matt 6:10)

Some think of a kingdom as a body of land governed as a monarchy. But I do not believe Jesus is calling us to pray that we return to Theocracy

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like early Israel. I don’t even believe that He is requiring our legislature to enforce godly laws.

This phrase always reminds me of the story of Robin Hood. To me that story gives a really good sense of what the Lord is getting at when He instructs us to pray “Your kingdom come.”

Robin Hood: Men in Tights preview
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Robin Hood was a man who had a king. That king was not currently on the throne, and Robin afforded no respect to the man who had usurped the throne. Robin’s allegiance was to King Richard alone, even when King Richard was nowhere to be seen, and there was not even any proof that he was still alive. Yet Robin stayed faithful to this absent king.

The point is not that God is absent, but that a king reigns over those who align themselves with him, those who pledge their allegiance to him. His kingdom reaches as far as His followers take it, and His reign spreads as His followers walk under His leadership.

So it is with God. He is rightful king of all the earth, and it won’t be long until every knee does bow, but in the mean time we are asked to pray, “Your kingdom come.” In me that might sound like “Lord, reign in me,” or “have your way” or even “You lead, I will follow.”

[Still praying] Moreover, Lord, I pray that those around me would pledge their allegiance to you as well. [Tweet This] Let your reign spread, your influence increase in my circle, in my workplace, church, town, county, state, country… Let your influence ever increase and use me to make it so.

Can you pray that with me today?

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