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Pull It Forward!

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (Matt 6:10)

Ok, so I have been ranting on about Thy will be done for days now, but lets finally clear something up. The “Will” of God that Jesus is instructing us to pray for is the will of God as it is expressed in heaven.

It is almost like Jesus is saying, the greatest promises you have in scripture, those having to do with eternal promise, peace, health, joy, freedom, everything that you look forward to in heaven, pray for it to manifest right here right now.

The prior thought was about the kingdom or reign of Christ, so we should start there. Your will be done – You reign on earth the way You do in heaven. That is a prayer worth praying, and you have the OK to pray it right here coming from Jesus.

But there is more, and to illustrate, I want to take you to a Greek woman who came to Jesus because her daughter was demon possessed. (You can find this story in Matthew 15:21-28) The woman approached Jesus and asked for Him to free her daughter from the clutches of this wicked spirit.

Jesus ignored her, and the disciples pressed Jesus to send her away. She persists. He finally responds, and tells her He is only here to help the Jews. He tells her He can’t give the children’s bread to dogs. (feels like He is actually calling her a dog, but something may be getting lost in the translation – hmmm) Finally she persuades Him by saying even the dogs can eat the table scraps. This does it. Jesus heals the woman’s daughter.

What is the point? Jesus is basically saying that at this time He was there for the Jewish nation only. We know there would be a day when all the gifts Jesus gave the Jews would be lavished on the Gentiles as well, but that was not at this time or in this place.

The woman however is able to pull the future promise into her present reality.

And this is what Jesus calls for in this model prayer. For us to draw that which is promised for the future, our ultimate reward, and life, into our current circumstances. [Tweet This]

If you ask me to pray for healing – I will do it every time, because Jesus said pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and I know that no one is going to be sick in heaven. I know that tears are wiped away, and peace will reign supreme. So I pray that way. Pull it forward! Storm heaven, and plunder it!

That is what Jesus is asking us to pray. To come boldly before His throne for help in time of need.

Let’s storm heaven today.

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Cover of When Heaven Invades Earth

By the way – Bill Johnson’s book “When Heaven Invades Earth” does a great job on this topic. If you have never read it, you should.

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