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A Visit to the Fridge

Give us this day our daily bread. (Matt 6:11)

Photo Credit - Jennifer Garcia

Food belongs to today. We need bread daily. This is true in the physical, and in the spiritual. You need to eat daily. I probably don’t need to remind you of this. If your body is functioning properly, it will advise you of this need on a regular basis. And if you neglect food for a while, you will feel the lack of fuel.

My wonderful father-in-law, Don Hayhurst, contends for his blood sugar level, and needs to keep in on an even keel. He always keeps a Snicker’s bar or two with him so he can get a quick sugar hit if he gets in trouble. You can see it all over him when he needs to re-fuel. Things just start to shut down.

I remember a trip to a Disney park with him a few years back. I was sitting across from him and noticed his head drooping a bit. His eyes were at half-mast and he looked ever so sleepy. When we pointed out his sagging condition, he popped one of those mini Snicker’s in his mouth, and the transformation was almost instantaneous.

Your spirit man is the same way. He/she (you) needs fuel. DAILY! You must go to the Word of God daily, and feed on it. Hey – while you’re in the spiritual fridge (your Bible) why not pack something for lunch too [Tweet This] – something you can mull over – a verse – a phrase – something you can snack on when your “blood sugar” begins to wane.

Light snacks are fine, but you also need a good meal or two daily. Sound bites from the Word are not a healthy meal. We have all skipped a meal because we were going to be “grazing” at a party for the afternoon, but that is not a healthy diet. That is like going on Twitter or Facebook and reading inspirational or even scriptural quotes of the day and counting that as your “quiet time.” You need to dig into your Bible and get input from others (remember this is OUR daily bread) and really feed on it.

And don’t forget what I talked about yesterday. The bread you get from the Word is to share. OUR DAILY bread. So, as you feel yourself strengthened by the Word, share a meal with someone near by. They’re probably hungry too.

Thanks for reading today. I appreciate you!

Come back soon!


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