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Giving Your All…Even When You Don’t Want To « Faith4TheJourney

Ran into a great post the other day that I thought I would share.

Have you ever had times when you notice apathy starting to creep into your work?  Maybe you’re in a difficult work environment, under lots of stress, work for a difficult boss, deal with demanding (and sometimes inconsiderate) customers, feel like you’re surrounded by incompetence…You’re feeling underpaid, undervalued, and just weary from the daily grind. Read more...

Giving Your All…Even When You Don’t Want To « Faith4TheJourney.

Thanks for the good word Paul!

Stop in again soon.


0 thoughts on “Giving Your All…Even When You Don’t Want To « Faith4TheJourney

  1. creditaction

    I appreciated your comment on Graeme of MyBroom's blog. Sadly Graeme seems to have an unbiblical understanding of what constitutes legalism. Jesus used God's moral laws as a mirror to show us our sin and unrighteousness, it is through that right understanding of my sin before a holy and righteous God that I can experience the extent of his amazing grace. Through the law I see I am a sinner and know my need for repentance. The pharisees and scribes are legalists because they know the Bible but don't understand that it's all about Jesus. We are commanded by Him to love, and God is love but it's not a pampering love, it's a correcting love, a love that builds up and creates in us a new heart, desires and passions. If we try to love people apart from the full counsel of God, which warns them of the wrath to come, then we are not loving them at all. John 3,29 (ESV) says that ...if we do not obey Jesus we will not see life and remain under the wrath of God. Words you rarely hear from the blogspaces of modern evangelicals.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Hey, Thanks for taking the time to comment, and to care.
      I honestly think God has set it up so we need one another to ever understand the whole truth. He puts truth in Graeme's mind and mouth that keeps me from going off the deep end with law. His perspective of God bring light to me in areas often left dark in my personal reading and study.

      These next few days I am in the thick of Jesus preaching through the law. Check it out as it unfolds and let me know what you think. I love to have counterpoint in the comments because I know i have a myopic view of truth.

      One of the things that is more clear to me that most is that my mind needs renewal or I will never progress in my transformation into the likeness of Christ. I need community to draw that out of me, so stick around bro!

      Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Caddo Veil

    As someone who is no longer in the "workplace", I still welcomed this message! God continues to give me "work" to do--even if it's only sitting here at my keyboard in my pj's, or stirring up a pot of "something" to share with a neighbor. It's important that I be faithful to do what He's put in my hand to do, and do it with a glad and grateful heart--no matter how small it seems. God bless you abundantly, Ben! love, sis Caddo


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