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Jesus and Hell

Buckle up – it might get rough here for a few minutes.

shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell. (Matt 5:22 NASB)

than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. (Matt 5:29 and 5:30 NASB)

Jesus introduces hell into the conversation 3 times in the next few verses.

Please understand, Jesus does not make vain threats.

He is not trying to “scare the hell out of them.”

Hell is the true destination for anyone who does not give himself to the Lord.

When Jesus speaks of hell, it is not manipulative, or some form of humor or irony. He is simply laying out the true peril that faces those who have not died to themselves, taken up their cross and followed after Him.

So should a “Christian” be fearful of Hell? Never! Once God lives in you, and has given you that new heart, you have nothing to fear. Let me be perfectly clear. A Christian is one who has given his or her life to Jesus, not someone who agrees to some arbitrary list of theological facts, or has passed some test, or prayed some prayer. The only way to know if you are a Christian is that the Spirit of the Living God dwells in and with you, and you follow Him.

However, Jesus does not back off the topic of hell throughout His ministry. He speaks over and over. Here at the very beginning of His ministry, right through to His last days preaching to the people. When He speaks of Hell it is not a metaphor, but real talk about a real place. [Tweet This] There is a heaven to be gained and a hell to be shunned!

Thanks for reading today. I know this is not the most popular topic, but I don't like to skip it just because I don't like it.

Come back again soon.


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0 thoughts on “Jesus and Hell

  1. mybroom

    So; hell hey... scary stuff. I agree with all you've written, I just can't imagine it. A few people who have died and come back to life (Kenneth Hagin for one) described the gates of hell as deeply frightening. Stange thing is that generally people don't become Christians to escape hell but to know Christ, and I think that's how it should be ~ we are drawn to his love not fear of judgement, what do you reckon? cheers G

    1. Ben Nelson

      Hey Graeme,
      I go with Jude - some save with fear - other have compassion making the difference.
      I do agree - it is all about coming to Christ, but in that turning to Christ there is a turning away from hell, sin, etc.
      I do agree that fear is a horrible motivator, and fear is clearly not faith. Godly sorrow on the other hand is good stuff.
      Thanks for commenting - love your perspective.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Good for you, Ben--don't sidestep the hard stuff. As a young child, my relationship with God was born of fear (in fact I had an interesting, and very scary, dream when I was a kid--I should share it on CV). I don't think fear is the best motivator, though it works for some folks. It took me a Long Time to learn how great His Love for me was--and that has been life-changing; fear didn't produce any fruit whatsoever. In fact, the devil used it to his advantage--kept me down, robbed me of Jesus' Joy (and the Truth). But, bless God--He will straighten out all the crooked, mixed up stuff! God bless you today.

  3. LubbyGirl

    found this through Planting Potatoes, and had to come read the full thing - sounds an awful lot like our pastor, who does not believe in skipping parts of the Bible because someone might not like what it says. Thanks for this!!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for you words. God has blessed in so many ways. His Word, the hard parts and the sweet parts are a big part of that.

      Thanks for reading.

    1. Ben Nelson

      So True - When we neglect the doctrine of an eternal hell, we diminish by comparison, even trivialize grace, love and forgiveness. Excellent point - thanks much again.

  4. theseer1959

    This is good, practical blog. It hurts God's heart that People go to Hell, when it is not his intent for them. He provided a way for better things through His Son


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