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Q260 “how do I come boldly before the throne of grace?”

My Friend Graeme posts wonderful truth on a daily basis - This one take something that may be mysterious and makes it plain. I know many who read my blog also read his, but for those of you who are not familiar with mybroom - i encourage you to check it out.

Yesterday's post (I fell behind a bit) takes something that we have made hard, and makes it easy. YAY - I love that.

Check it out here -

Q260 “how do I come boldly before the throne of grace?”

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    1. Ben Nelson

      Nope - you are not missing anything - nor are you a dweeb of any kind - I thought it was linked but it was not, and now it is.
      Sorry for my woops - i was trying a new way to create a quick post, and i need some work on that -

      thanks for the heads up sis!


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