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James Goll: The Start of the Fourth Wave

I follow James Goll's blog, and I think this article is worth a read.

He lays out a brief history of renewal in the 20th century which is fascinating to me, and he speaks of the next wave coming. This resonates with me. Please give it a look!



The Start of the Forth Wave

For a few years I have been meditating on the principles of “Catching and Surviving every Wave of the Holy Spirit” while yet staying grounded in the main and the plain of the doctrines of the historical church. There have been numerous movements of the Holy Spirit through out our wonderful church history: The Great Reformation, the First and the Second Great Awakenings, the Pietism and Holiness Movement, the Student Volunteer Movement, the Pentecostal Outpouring, the Latter Rain and Healing and Deliverance Movements and even in more recent times, Evangelical and Charismatic movements and many others.  Read more...

James Goll: The Start of the Forth Wave.

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