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The Spittin’ Image

So after all these impossible expansions of the law, we get a brief and fleeting whiff of the why behind them, and the motivation keep us focused.

in order that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven (Matt 5:45 NASB)

Loving like this holds this wonderful promise. But it is so much more than an IF – THEN statement.

In other words Jesus is not just saying IF you do all this stuff THEN you will be accepted into the wonderful status of sonship. And thank goodness, because that is anything but freeing in my mind. That straps a burden on me that there is no way I could bear.

Here is what I am thinking – let me know if this rings true to you.

When we love like this we are a biography. We are painting a picture of a much better lover. We are a photograph of the greatest Lover of all time. We are a representation (or should I say re-presentation) of our Father.

In the old days when you saw a man and his son you might look at the son and say “You’re the spittin’ image of your father” and that is what Jesus is saying here. When you love your enemies etc… you are the spittin’ image of your Father.

Yep – that’s it – I think we have nailed it. And that’s what I want them to say about me today – how about you.

You’re the spittin’ image of your heavenly Father!

Thanks for reading today.

Walk with Jesus.


photo credit: Mike Willis via photopin cc

0 thoughts on “The Spittin’ Image

  1. Stefan

    YES! I think you nailed it, brother 🙂 We are becoming the same as He is, and Christ right now can be seen living again in His many believers!

    We just need to stay in this intimate fellowship with Him, in the organic union as the branches in the vine, and He will be expressed in us! He in us can do all these #impossible things!

  2. Caddo Veil

    I love it, and will continue to persevere toward that Holy goal. By the by, I LOVE the image you included--cowboys, forever! (I'm burning the midnight oil, getting my PBR "Testimony" ready for posting--will you pray that it is a blessing for our readers?) God bless you big, brother--have a fab weekend! love, sis Caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      I am glad you said that. For years I found ways to make these impossible things into burdens that could not be born, and that is not what Jesus is about. He IS our burden bearer - Thank you Jesus, and thank you Deb for yet more kind words!

  3. meetingintheclouds

    >> "you are the spittin’ image of your Father"
    For many years those words would have been the biggest insult ever given, especially if in relation to my third 'father' who was totally evil.

    Now, of course, since being adopted into the family of the living God, the thought of being the image of my heavenly Father is just the opposite. Ephesians 4:13 is one of my many favourite Scriptures. It tells me I am gradually being transformed into the image of Christ and then 1 John 3:2 assures me that one day I *WILL* be "like Him" What a day that will be!

    Yes, you nailed it Ben. Those 'burdens' are no longer burdens when Christ is in control, but they become stepping stones in our path towards Christlikeness.

    What an amazing God!
    What an amazing new life He has given us!
    What an amazing eternity awaits us!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Yeah, I was really blessed to have a great dad.
      This transformation deal is big in my heart these days. I am convinced that I (we) can be transformed as i allow God to invade my mind with His thoughts.
      Thanks for jumping in -
      We do have an amazing God
      We do have an amazing life
      We do have an amazing eternity


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