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Q293 ” does God answer prayers ?” | mybroom

My friend Graeme answered a question, and dispels one of those age old Christian truisms that I believe does more harm than good in the Church. Give it a read if you dare!

Q293 ” does God answer prayers ?”

Ok, there is no doubt that God hears our prayers, that’s a given ~ but how does the whole answering thing work.

I remember many years ago, back in my youth group days (I said many years ago), we were told that God answers prayers one of 3 ways: Yes – No – Wait… I wasn’t particularly happy with that theology back then, and I like it even less now. It’s like trying to pin jelly to a tree, it implies that we can’t really count on God for anything ~ I needed something more back then, and now - at long last, I am at peace with the matter. Read on here: Q293 ” does God answer prayers ?” | mybroom.

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  1. Caddo Veil

    Hi Ben! I like this, and I love that we have a "Christian Myth Buster" among us--that's very helpful!! (Does he look like the Ghostbuster?? never mind...) Sometimes I think God is like my dad, when I'd ask him something and he'd say, "I'll take it under advisement". It wasn't a NO, it just meant he needed to think about it--so I guess I don't expect instant answers from God, I don't mind that He may need to think about it. (I don't believe God spins a wheel, or that His answer depends on His "mood".) 'Course, it could be that the delay is just my human inability to hear or see "quick". Either way, it's not generally a problem for me--so we're good, God 'n me. I trust He will bless you Big today, brother! love, sis Caddo


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