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Listen first, bounce later « It’s a God thing…

This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning, so I thought I would share it with you!

My little ones were bouncing on the trampoline, beckoning me over for our afternoon ritual. We like to play a game of ‘mimicking’, where we take turns devising a unique jump or dance that the others can imitate.

I finished what I was doing, then bounded on to the trampoline, enjoying the feel of flying from one end of the circle to the other. I’d forgotten how eager they were for the game to start and how long they’d been waiting.

‘Mummy,” I heard my six-year-old say. He paused, trying to steady himself as he spoke. “Be still!”

He waited for me to stop, not dictatorial but expectant, [Read More... Listen first, bounce later « It's a God thing….]

0 thoughts on “Listen first, bounce later « It’s a God thing…

  1. Caddo Veil

    Hi Ben! Thanks for directing us to Godgirl's post--I didn't realize how much I needed it, till I read it! I've been in a spin for several days, and couldn't "hear Him"--aarrgghh. God bless you abundantly--love, sis Caddo (gonna be fine now)


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