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It’s in the Works.

How cool is this?

for your Father knows what you need, before you ask Him. (Matt 6:8 NASB)

Knowing Who our Father is, and how crazy He is about us – this is really good news!

This does not mean we shouldn’t ask, after all we will eventually be over in Chapter 7 talking about Ask – Seek – Knock, so for sure it is AOK to ask, but isn’t it good to know He is one step ahead of us.

Have you ever had the answer to prayer show up either while, or right after you finished asking?

We have some friends who were in a tough spot. A couple from church decided they would just drop in and surprise them with dinner. The couple stopped at Boston Market, picked up a family meal and headed over. They were met with shock as our friends had just been praying about where they were going to get food for the evening.

So think about this – before they prayed, the Lord had planted the plan in the hearts of the other couple.

I hear these stories all the time. Sometimes it is money passing between folks in the parking lot - or a call on a cell phone - God put you on my heart - is there anything going on I should be praying for.

The asking is important – but it is not a matter of giving Father information, but demonstrating our dependence. [Tweet This]

Meanwhile, God, the amazing conductor of this orchestra, has all the parts moving in the right direction to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory!

It would be great to hear your stories of prayers that had to have been answered before you got the words out of your mouth. Share with us! You know, testimonies breed miracles, so share!

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0 thoughts on “It’s in the Works.

  1. Caddo Veil

    Currently, I'm praying that you and Pastor J--my east coast brothers--will not be harmed/overly inconvenienced by the big storm a-brewing. God bless you--love, sis Caddo

  2. Debbie

    Our youngest daughter has seizures and I'm not always right by her side to catch her. Yet over and over again, she sustains no injuries when she does fall. 🙂 Thank you Ben, for encouraging us in Jesus . . .for desiring to see more and more miracles and glory to Him this day! God bless you!

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