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The Lord’s Prayer

When I first moved my blog to WordPress, and didn’t know any of you wonderful folks over here, I was just starting to blog through the Lord’s Prayer.

In fact, my blogging career (chuckle) started back in June with the Beatitudes followed closely by the Lord’s Prayer. These are 2 of the most significant and crucial passages in the Bible, and so that is where I started.

Then I decided to go back and fill in the blanks between them.

Here I am back at the doorstep of the Lord Prayer, so rather than blogging through it again, and repeating my self, I thought I would index those posts here for anyone who is interested, and we will jump on to what’s next.

Hey - don't feel like you have to read any or all of these, but if anything strikes your fancy give it a whirl. I have tagged (*) a few that I really love, but hey I often agree with myself.

Here is the list:

OUR Father… *



How does one Hallow?

Thy Name, Part 1

Thy Name, 8 (well 9) Old Testament names of God

Thy Name, 7 (well 8) New Testament names of God

The Increase of Influence

3 Peeks at the Will of God *

Don’t Undermine Your Prayers

The Will of God vs Your Circumstances

Pull It Forward! *

Thy, Thou, Us and Our – A Template for Life

A Visit to the Fridge

Abandon Your Offenses *

Know Forgiveness or NO Forgiveness

Finding Your Way Out of Temptation-ville

Anybody Want A LifeSaver?

Where Did You Get That?

Take it From the Top


Ever Increasing Peace!

Divine Punctuation

Bring Me the Bill

7 Things Jesus Modeled in the Lord’s Prayer

If you got this far you must be ready for a nap - or just waking up from one.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

See you tomorrow.



0 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer

  1. betty

    I will have to come back and check out some of your posts about the Lord's Prayer, but I have always thought it was the perfect template on how to pray indeed, in honoring and acknowledging God, asking for our needs to be met and for protection, etc. You are equally right about the beautitudes. One could spend days studying those too and learning to live like Jesus expressed in those words. May Sunday be a glorious one!


  2. Caddo Veil

    I knew I'd missed a day, Ben--arrgghh! Pastor Robert (Gateway Church, TX--my primary online church) has been doing an excellent series on the Lord's Prayer. My fave point of his so far, is that all of it is meant to be a "daily" prayer for "daily" provisions--both natural and spiritual. He says that God set everything up so that we'd need to come to Him daily--not weekly, or monthly/annually--because He wants to talk to us each and every day; wants to feed us the daily bread of His Word--in addition to our other daily needs. Way Cool! I'll try to swing by here for more of your series, when I get caught up a bit. And I'm curious where your blog was "before"...God bless you big--love, sis Caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      that is sooo good Sis - it is perfect because life is so daily anyway - our troubles are one day's worth. As soon as we start stocking up we get in trouble.

      Just looked out the window, it is getting really crazy out there now

      Talk to you again soon.


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