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Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays – Remembering a Sunday School Song

Caddo's Seven Word Sunday

Remembering a Sunday School Song

Yes my sins are

The whole song went like this - set to a simple tune:

Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone,
Yes! My sins are Gone
Now my soul is free and in my hearts a song.

Buried in the deepest sea.

Yes that's good enough for me

Now I'll live eternally, Praise God!

My sins are



It was such a silly song, and it got stuck in my head this morning from who knows where - and then I thought - Hallelujah - MY SINS ARE GONE!!!!!


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Ben is an author, speaker, teacher, blogger, storyteller, IT geek, and student of the Bible. His heart is to see men and women reconciled to the Father and walking in all He has created for them.

0 thoughts on “Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays – Remembering a Sunday School Song

  1. meetingintheclouds

    Praise God my sins are GONE!
    This was unthinkable as a Roman Catholic. While absolution was granted, the sin remained until 'purged' after death.

    What a tremendous blessing it was to me when I discovered that if I mentioned a previous sin to my loving Father, He would say "My dear child, you must be mistaken. I have NO RECORD of that!" It is 'just-as-if-I'd' never sinned!

    In seven words: Justified by faith in Christ's atoning blood.

    What an amazing God!


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