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Supernatural Evangelism | walk like enoch

My friend Glenn posted this awesome testimony today. You will love this!

Supernatural Evangelism

Supernatural Evangelism

I take both the power bit and the witness bit really seriously!

Monday was a fun day. Lots of God moments, if you know what I mean.

I work at a school 2 days a week, where I am, affectionately and not so affectionately known as ‘the Jesus freak’ or ‘Bible man’ and even ‘Buzz Lightyear’. Not too sure I’m keen on being known as Buzz.

So on Monday one of the first things I did was lead a girl to the Lord. She came up to be me at recess and said ‘I want to receive Jesus’. I thought, well that’s pretty sweet. We chatted for a bit and I prayed for her and with her and she is visibly touched by the Holy Spirit.

At Lunchtime we have some deliverance ministry. I won’t go into details, but lets just say these girls now know the power of both the occult and Jesus (and of course now know who is bigger).  Read More...

Supernatural Evangelism | walk like enoch.

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt by Kevin Deadmon

I would also recommend a wonderful book by Kevin Deadmon that gives you step by step how to instructions on how you can do this too! It's called "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt"

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