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Treasure, Lamp, and Master

As I move through the Sermon on the Mount, I am intrigued by the flow of the 2nd half of Matthew Chapter 6. Most major translations have grouped verses 19 – 24 in one paragraph. When I read it in a standard Bible with each verse starting a separate line, it is easy to break this paragraph into 3 separate and district thoughts. However, those who translated this for us seem to feel they belong together.

[One rabbit trail here – I wonder if the fact that we read scripture verse by verse rather than paragraph by paragraph, or even letter/book/story by story, doesn’t lead to much of our inability to understand God’s word. It also makes it way too easy to take something out of context. It’s like leaving a stack of $20’s laying out on a park bench, and then being surprised when someone steals it. OK – I will let this rabbit go for now.]

Verse 19 – 21 are about treasure, verse 22 – 23 are about your eye and the light you allow into your body, and then verse 24 seems to go back to treasure. The rest of the chapter, from verse 25 through 34 are about anxiety based on your material needs, and point back to 19-24 as their thesis.

Where are you going with this Ben?

I am so glad you asked!

I have spent a few days now blogging about our eyes, and still want to say more about light, but I wanted to ponder the idea that this lamp – eye – light – dark conversation all comes in the context of our relationship to material things, what we treasure, what we serve, and what triggers anxiety in our lives.

This begs the question, what makes your eye’s light up? In this pre-Christmas advertising season, do you, like me, catch an advertisement that actually makes you ‘feel’ the ‘need’ for some new thing, that until that moment you did not even know existed.

There was an old Sunday School song I want to bring to your memory.

Be careful little eyes what you see!

Thanks for reading to my musings today.


0 thoughts on “Treasure, Lamp, and Master

  1. widemargin

    You also put me in mind of another old song - Turn your eyes upon Jesus - it's all about getting our perspectives right. I suppose it boils down to self-control - being in charge of what we focus on, and making sure it's the right things. Thanks for the thought!

  2. Debbie

    Thank you for making the connection, Ben, between the lamp / eye / light / dark and material things or treasure. It's like a light bulb moment for me! 🙂 Now, I am looking at what stresses me, to see where this applies too. God bless you as you teach us and take us down a few bunny trails too!


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