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Train Your Heart Award

Ok - Not sure what I think about blog awards.

Some end up being a lot of work, and then you have to turn around and find a bunch of blogs that also fit the requirements and put a burden on the next bloggers. Don't get me wrong - they do honor the recipient, but if other bloggers are like me, there is a lot on their plate already.

At the same time I have been pondering the verse in 2 Peter 2:14 - actually it was simply one phrase: "having a heart trained in greed."

So the idea that struck me is not so much the "greed" part, but rather the heart can be trained.

What I want to do is give an award to honor a blog posts that are good heart training. These would be posts that teach us how to set our affections on things above - for example.

That's it - you can do with it as you see fit. Post it on your blog, or not.

Here is the award:

Train Your Heart Award

And here is what you have to do.

1 Post it if you want to (or not)
2 Blush
3 Write another awesome post!

That's right, 3 simple steps and each one is optional.

I intend to give this award out when it strikes my fancy, and list the winners below with links to their awesomeness!

Thank you for being awesome.

The first winning post is:

Goooood morning!by Jennifer N. Buczynski

Q343 “am I in both covenants?”
by Graeme

If you have read a post recently that you think qualifies, I will be glad to give it a look.

I appreciate you!


0 thoughts on “Train Your Heart Award

  1. mybroom

    Hey Ben, I'm likin this idea, the award your having when your not having an award - good plan... gotta keep this blogging community on their toes, cheers G


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