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Pink Legos, Santa Claus & Commodifying the Gospel

I have fallen in love with the Phil Vischer Pod Cast. Most Tuesday's the cast consists of 3, Phil Vischer, the shows name sake as well as the famous voice of almost every vegetable you have ever met (VeggieTales Creator and voice artist as well as creator of the 'What's in the Bible' video Series, Skye Jethani, writer, author, speaker, pastor, and Christian Taylor, wife, mom and voice actress. For full bio's check the blog home page.

In any case, this weeks podcast was such a home run. (though they don't seem to believe in Santa there so be careful with little ears)

Don't miss this podcast - Skye speaks at length about how consumerism has infiltrated Christianity.


**SPOILER: This podcast contains a discussion of Santa Claus, and therefore may not be appropriate for children.**

This week’s podcast opens up with a discussion of pink legos, and whether or not churches should encourage belief in Santa Claus. They talk about consumerism vs. consuming, and how many churches have a tendency to commodify the Gospel.

Pink Legos, Santa Claus & Commodifying the Gospel.

0 thoughts on “Pink Legos, Santa Claus & Commodifying the Gospel

  1. Debbie

    Sorry, Mr. Ben, I couldn't listen to this just because that is hard for me to do with Aubrey, but thanks for letting us know what is inspiring and moving you! God bless you!

    1. Ben Nelson

      No need to apologize to me. I am a listener, so Podcasts are a great medium for me. This is my current favorite, because it is funny and insightful.
      God Bless you and Aubrey today.
      Lord will you please bless Deb and Aubrey with health, strength and a fresh revelation of your love for them today? Amen


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