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I Am Willing

I am willing (Mark 1:41)

Jesus is just starting out in ministry, going from town to town and preaching with authority, casting out demons, and healing the sick all over the place.

He is building quite a reputation. People are hearing the news. It seems like everyone knows someone who was healed by this Wonder Worker.

But the question remains for one leper.

Notice, this was not Fred the leper or Margret the leper, just ‘a leper.’

You see sometimes the things that the enemy throws at us in order to derail us are so debilitating, so demoralizing, that they rob us of our identity, and not just in the eyes of others either. We take on the identity of this invader.

It starts by claiming ownership. We do this with character flaws (that’s my Irish temper acting up) as well as ailments (my arthritis is at it’s worst in the morning.)

Then after a certain period of time we see these things as God’s will for our life:

  • 'This is the way God made me'
  • 'God put this in my life so I would compassion.'

The result is we have made space in our hearts, minds and bodies for things the enemy has done in us to undermine God’s authority and compassion for us.

Back to our story. By the time He met this leper, Jesus had healed and delivered hundreds of folks and there was a spark of hope ignited in our leprous friend, but he still was struggling with whether this life of his was God will for him.

Wasn’t leprosy, after all, a curse from the Lord? How can I approach God to remove what God placed in my life? I deserve to be like this, and I am certainly not worthy of healing.

But he took a shot – “Jesus, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”

Next come 5 words that can change your life.

I am willing; be cleansed.”

With this short sentence Jesus flushed all the bad theology away, and all that was left was a man who was clean and itching to tell his story.

He is not the leper any more – now he is the evangelist.

The actual will of God expressed in the actions of His Will Made Flesh (Jesus) answered all the questions once and for all. [Tweet This]

Today – this New Years Day 2013 (or when ever you read this) get to Jesus and ask Him one more time.

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Happy New Year!


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