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The Parable of the Soils – Part 1

The Sower - Van Gogh

Behold, the sower went out to sow (Matthew 13:3 NASB)

I want to spend the next few days digging (sorry – I can’t help myself) into the parable of the soils. Some call this the parable of the sower, but many of the lessons in this simple story are in the dirt.

I call it a simple story, but it is really anything but that.

It is recorded in 3 of the Gospels Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8

It is the basis for all other parables (Mark 4:13)

It carries truth hidden from those blinded to the gospel by their unbelief.

So, where to start? The story itself is simple enough.

A man goes out with a bag of seed and starts scattering it, throwing it hither and yon.

The seed falls to the ground.

The rest is up to the ground.

There are 4 types of ground Jesus mentions.

  • The path
  • Rocky places
  • Weedy places
  • Prepared soil

There are 4 types of challenges the seed faces

  • The Birds of the air
  • The Heat of the sun
  • Lack of Moisture
  • The weeds and thorns

But the meat is in the interpretation.

Jesus the consummate teacher takes time on this first parable to break it all the way down for the boys. It is important to notice in Jesus’ parable everything is significant. When He is teaching us to interpret this type of scripture, He wants us to take the picture apart, and see how it all fits back together.

And thankfully He did not leave anything for our guessing in this one.

Today we will simply name the players, and tomorrow and over the next week or so we will look at each soil, and each challenge in some detail.

The seed is the imperishable Word of God.

The sower sows the Word of God. So the sower could be a preacher, friend, or any Christian. We are all sowers everyday.

The soil is the heart where the seed lands. Many use this parable only to talk about those who don’t know the Lord as the soil, but the fact is we are all soil every day. The Lord uses many means to scatter the Word into our hearts, and every man, woman and child needs to be attentive to the seed sown in their lives daily.

BenCome back tomorrow, and we will start digging a bit deeper. (I told you I can’t help myself)

See you then


0 thoughts on “The Parable of the Soils – Part 1

    1. Ben Nelson

      yeah - i love that pic. I have a reproduction (i think it is a reproduction, but perhaps i should check - lol) on my living room wall. one of my favs of all time.

  1. Francis Drake

    Ha, a breath of fresh air.
    I get a little fed up with preachers who can't see beyond the sower being just the church evangelist trying to grow new believers.

    I am hungry for the new seed the Holy Spirit sows over me every day. That seed may be directly whispered in my heart, it may be from the scriptures, it may be via a fellow believer, it may be from a billboard or newspaper. God ignites our spirit by whatever means, if our hearts are awake.

    (and PS. Both my parents were led to Christ by the Holy Spirit speaking to them with the words from a Guinness billboard.)

    1. Ben Nelson

      I love the Guinness billboard story - who says God can't turn any hand into a winning hand - that is great - and thanks for the encouragement - i am with you for sure bro. Speak to me those wonderful words of life! let me be good soil.

    1. Ben Nelson

      I appreciate you coming. I am really excited about this particular study - i was just tweaking some of the next few installments. They are rocking my world.

      I really am thankful for your consistency!


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