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I have compared you, my love, To my filly among Pharaoh’s chariots. (Song of Songs 1:9 NKJV)

This always reminds me of the scene in the movie A Knights Tale where William Thatcher is trying to woo the maiden Jocelyn and well sticks his hoof in his mouth.

She asks him to speak beautiful words to her, and this is what ensues:


I will win this tournament for you.


Excuse me?


I'll win this tournament in your name. I'll defeat each knight for you.

Your beauty will be reflected in the power of my arm and my horse's flanks.




Really? lts flanks?

Not his finest hour.

But the real issue here is that we don’t understand life in a completely agrarian society. Live stock and crops were the currency and wealth of the day. So much of what we will read in these pages relates to life in that society.

So what is our Shepherd King thinking when He compares the Shulamite to a filly among Pharaoh’s chariots?

There are a couple interesting things going on in this comment.

First off, this is actually the only time this Hebrew word is found in the Bible. It’s root comes up more often, but this word specifically pointing to a filly or mare, some even think it should be a group of fillies.

Next He speaks of Pharaoh’s chariots, not the chariots of Israel. He does not say “the Kings Chariots,” but rather points to the world famous fleet of chariots of His most impressive adversary.

Here is the thing.

She is feeling like a new comer, one who is barely capable of caring for her own presentation. She looks in the mirror and sees dark and worldly. She looks around her in the community, and everyone is doing better than she is. She is totally frustrated at her inability to look like everyone else in the Church.

Then He likens her to one of the most prestigious, well-trained, talented, and impressive beasts known to man.

He is saying to her, when I look at you, I do not see the dark and dusty woman of the world, stumbling at every turn. I see your potential as a one who is ready to lead an army into battle, one trained and well disciplined. I see what you are created to be, not where you are in your journey.

This helps me. I know when I fail, or fall short, He sees me not lying on the ground in a heap, but victorious, then he helps me up, brushes me off, and sets me back on my path toward maturity.

Yay God. Thank you Jesus.

This makes me happy.

BenThanks for coming by.

Stop in next week and get a look at what else He sees in you.


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  1. Glenn

    that's good Ben. I think my fav is "Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon" (Sol 7:4). I'm pretty sure there's a bit of cultural bridging needed to be done for us to understand that one

    1. Ben Nelson

      It is true - He see's the you He had in His eye when He formed you. Like our girl - there may be a bit of travel between here and the destination, but step one is getting on the train - and - well - here you are in the compartment next to mine.

  2. Debbie

    I'm really appreciating you taking us through this and explaining things. Things like being compared to a horse and how it's a good thing. 🙂 Thank you and God bless you!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Some of the word pictures in SoS can be a bit tricky, and there are lots of ways to read them, but there is a wealth of wonder hidden in this treasure, and i so enjoy digging around with my little shovel and pail.


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