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Check out Ministry Briefing!

If you are involved in Church Leadership or Lay leadership in a church or ministry, I have got something that might be of interest to you.

My friend Matt Steen is collaborating with Todd Rhoades on a couple of fronts. They are both great thinkers, and actively have their hands in ministry on many levels.

First off, they are doing daily conversations – about 5 minutes a day – about some current and interesting topics. You can check out their YouTube Channel here. Today's conversations is called "How to have tough Conversations" and gives really some really great tips for facing the tough stuff.

The Big News

But the big news is they are now putting together a monthly “Ministry Breifing.”

Ministry Briefing Feb 2013 - Check out code 'nelson'

Do you ever feel like there is just way too much great information, and news out there to keep up with? I know I get sick of having the talking heads on the TV telling me what to be interested in.

Well Todd and Matt are digging through tens of thousands of articles and news feeds and culling it all down to 400 of the best.

They take these 400 and put them in a downloadable print document (about 30 pages or so) and display the headlines and first paragraph of each. Then you can follow the links provided to read more, or just skip it if it’s not your cup of tea.

Then “news stand” price is 9.99 for an issue, but if you use my name [nelson] at check out you can take $3.00 off your issue.

I found a number of very interesting articles in this months addition. In particular I was impressed with Rick Warrens reaction to the Hobby Lobby Morning After Pill Law Suit.

I chuckled a little to read that Stanford has hired an atheist chaplain.

How about the death penalty case in Knoxville TN that is calling for a retrial because the jurors spent 4 of the 5 hours they deliberated in prayer and worship.

Honestly, I would never have found this stuff on my own, but Todd and Matt have done a spectacular job pulling it all together in an easy to use and read format.

Thanks Matt and Todd!

Again – if you are interested – here is the link to Ministry Briefing and you can use my name ‘nelson’ at checkout and get $3.00 off the sticker price.

BenThanks for stopping by.


Here is their most recent YouTube so you can get a flavor.

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