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Merchants and Pearls


Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it. (Matthew 13:45-46 NASB)

In yesterday’s parable we had a treasure hunter looking for something for free. Today we have a merchant looking for something he can profit from. He is looking for merchandise to buy, so he can turn around and sell it at a profit. That is what merchants do.

But this merchant has a change of heart.

He was looking for something that would turn a profit; instead he finds something that consumes him. He is so moved by this pearl, he goes back to the shop, liquidates all his merchandise, and sells the shop. Then he heads home where he has a huge garage sale – he even sells the garage, and the house, and the barn, and the horses, pigs, chickens, pots, pans, tables, chairs, stove, and the land that it all sits on.

Having liquidated his entire holdings, he heads back to makes his offer.

Again, he is all in.

What if it is not enough?

So it is with the kingdom of heaven – those who are submitted to the will of the Father (see Tales of the Kingdom) – when they come across Christ, they realize they were looking for the wrong thing the whole time.

We set out looking for a way to make life work.

Perhaps you do it on your job. You trade your time – huge chunks of your life – to an employer and expect that in return you will achieve the ‘good life.’

Perhaps you do it in your school. You trade in your mental efforts and concentration for year upon year, expecting to graduate and be handed an occupation, or trade, or position.

Perhaps you do it in relationships. You give yourself to another human being – the woman/man of your dreams – and expect that in return you will have joy unspeakable.

You are looking for the currency of this life when all of the sudden, you run into Jesus (He ambushes you) and you see the potential for the life you have always wanted.

A life marked by Joy and Peace in the midst of a world that is out of control.

You are ready to give it all up if only you can get your hands on this pearl.

I urge you to do it today. Give it all up and go for Jesus.

I am not saying quit school or your job or your wife. I am saying do what ever you have to do to get up close to Jesus. He will make the next steps clear. [Tweet This]

He is so worth it – don’t hesitate!

BenHey – thanks for stopping by today.

See you tomorrow


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