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Life and Death Everyday – 2

As I mentioned last week, a dear Sister from my local church is a sidewalk counselor at a nearby abortion clinic. She has shared some of her thoughts as she processes this heroic weekly mission. Here is her update from this last Saturday in her own words. I am posting this on Friday hoping you will take time to pray for Christa and her team on Saturday morning.

Here's Christa:


Dear Praying Friends & Family,

It's such a dark, hard-hearted world out there.  That place is like hell on earth.  And people race to get in.  Like lambs to the slaughter.  They push right by you, regardless of what you might say to steer them away.  They spit and curse and laugh at you.  They give you the finger.  They run to the darkness.  They wait on long lines in hot stuffy lobbies for their turn at violence and violation.  I wonder if the gates of hell look like the entrance to this abortion clinic.

It's always hard to go there.  I have to gear up mentally and spiritually for 72 hours before Saturday comes.  Jeff, who has been sidewalk counseling for 10 years told me today, "And it never gets easier."  But I know I'm called to this, so I go.

Once I'm there, it's like the cloud of dread lifts, by the grace of God, and I'm glad to be there.  I actually like approaching people and seeing if I can say the right thing to get them to take my literature, or to reconsider their intentions, or to visit the Lighthouse.  I don't really mind the abusive responses - the Lord has given me the grace to see that they are miserable, hopeless people in miserable, hopeless circumstances.  They are miserable going in, and miserable coming out.  They are angry, hurt, and scared.  I don't take their insults personally.  I'm not there for myself; I just go because Jesus asks me to.

I am so thankful for the prayer support across the street on this drizzly February day.  Thank you, prayer warriors - on site and at home!

Lots of bad things happened today.  Dozens of babies were killed.  It's so painful.

But two good things happened today.

1.  I heard from another counselor that the couple that walked around the corner to go to the Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center last week after that dramatic scene (see last week's email) really did go, had a long visit with the staff there, and made another appointment to go back for more counseling.

2.  My fellow sidewalk counselor, Jeff, had a chance to speak to a young, beautiful Hispanic couple as they went in. I did not hear that conversation, but I could see that they were listening sincerely. They took his literature. Later, they came out and the young man told me, "Thank you for being here. What you are doing is good. Really, thank you. I am glad you are here." I got to speak to them about their decision. They told me they only came in to get a pregnancy test. Now they were going home to think. I encouraged them to visit the Lighthouse, and told them that circumstances are temporary, but their decision is forever. If they are concerned about being able to afford a child, God would make a way. The Lighthouse center would be happy to supply their baby needs and so much more - all for free. I told them to ask God for wisdom and trust him. They actually seemed happy when they got into their cab. I waved good-bye to them and they both waved back to me, smiling.

Please keep praying for both these couples, whose names the Lord knows.

Without prayer, no miracles can happen.

Thanks for reading.  I know it must be hard to hear these stories.  Please don't feel obligated to read these updates or even to pray.  It just helps me to process this experience to write it out and share it with people who care about this battle.  You may not think you're making a difference.  Believe me, just by your being there and hearing my stories, you are encouraging me immensely!



PS - On a sidewalk counseling training video, the amazing Joseph Scheidler said this:  "Mary, and Mary Magdelene and John did not save Jesus.  But they were there.  They were there at His death bed.  And we have to be here at the death bed of these little children.  Even if we don't save as many as we want.  We have to be here when they're dying to give them dignity."  "When you stand before the Lord, and He's judging you, and all you've got going for you is that you cared about these children, you will hear a chorus of voices that you never heard in this life, and they're saying, "God, be merciful to this one.  He loved us."  I know that we are not saved by works, but only by the blood of Jesus.  I can also imagine, as part of that glorious day of arriving in heaven, that all of us who had some small part in the rescue - or attempted rescue - of innocent people made in God's image, will be greeted by them with hugs and kisses.  "Whatever you did to the least of these my brothers, you did to me."   ~Jesus

PPS - To watch this wonderful training video, visit:  Yes, this is exactly what it is like.


BenJoin me in praying for Christa, and those across the country and around the world standing the this gap, and for the millions of innocent lives that are in the breach each day..

Thanks for coming by.


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0 thoughts on “Life and Death Everyday – 2

  1. Chris

    Maybe your blog isn't for me. I love your teaching, but this is the second promotion of Christa. I don't understand why she needs to use such emotive language when speaking to people who agree with her. And to gloat about challenging herself to say the right thing? It's not a game.

    A man doing that role made one of the hardest days of my life harder. Not me, my daughter. Why does he think he can have any empathy? By being a man he makes a horrible situation worse.

    I guess you will delete this, but it matters.

    1. Ben Nelson

      HI Chris,

      Hey, I am sorry this has touch such a hurting place. Christa's descriptions help me to see a hard truth about myself, i guess, that I sometimes turn a blind eye to how desperate many people are, and how seemingly impossible their circumstance can get.

      I tend to live my life in a little Churchy cocoon oblivious to a world that deeply needs Jesus. These stories help me to see the need beyond my safe haven, and they help me to be aware of the battle that is raging.

      With 50 Million abortions in our country alone, this particular hurt is one shared by a quarter of the people in our nation. It is not my intention to open wounds that are un-healed, but I am not sure there is healing without the forgiveness and restoration that Jesus offers.

      Lord, I pray for your healing touch to reach Chris' son. I thank you that your blood is powerful and effective for the washing away of our past, and renewing our future. Draw him to yourself.

      Thanks for your honesty Chris.

      1. Chris

        I'm in England, not that it matters. Yes, it is only in Jesus that this hurt is healed, but some of us don't live in a cocoon, we are live with hurting people who don't know Jesus.

        There are very few people who approach abortion lightly. Instead of standing on the sidelines judging, maybe we need more compassion. Hence my dislike of the emotive language.

        You are gracious, and I thank you for that.

  2. pattisj

    Praying. Powerful words: "...circumstances are temporary, but their decisions are forever." I thank you for sharing Christa's mission. It is warfare out there, and the more people know about it, the more who will (hopefully) be praying.

  3. bearingwithlove

    Ben, please keep us updated on this battlefront. I am praying for the warriors on the front line as well as the people they will reach. My heart aches for these people. Thanks for sharing! God bless!

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