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Life and Death Everyday – 4

We have been following my friend Christa's stories about what goes on at a local abortion clinic. She is a sidewalk counselor vying for the lives of the unborn, and the freedom of the men and women who feel so trapped they must take this desperate measure.

Here's Christa:


Dear Praying Friends,

The fear and trepidation build starting Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday, as I anticipate going back to the clinic to do sidewalk counseling.  I usually wake up way too early on Saturday mornings, subconsciously rehearsing what I'm going to say as I encounter abortion-minded people of all descriptions.  Today, before my feet hit the floor, I offered myself to the Lord for this ministry, and He immediately gave me this scripture:  "The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it."  1 Thess. 5:24.  That was just what I needed.  I jumped out of bed convinced He was going to use me.

I wish I could tell you I saw a "save" with my eyes today, but I can't say that.

What I DID SEE was:

  • a large number of faithful prayer warriors across the street giving bold witness to the holiness of LIFE and the value of every HUMAN BEING (thank you for giving me courage today)
  • again, fewer people going into the clinic than normal for a Saturday
  • more good face to face conversations with people going into the clinic - a feeling of connecting with their hearts, not just reciting a script at them - I am growing.

I am rejoicing in these, and in my loving God who hears and sees it all.

However, many beautiful, innocent boys and girls senselessly lost their lives today at the hand of an assassin hired by their parents.  God, have mercy.  This is always a painful reality; I pray it will always be painful enough move me to prayer and action until the nightmare of abortion is over.

I pray you are pained with me and will fight with me (and thousands of far more seasoned warriors) to abolish abortion.  There is so much work to do - starting with PRAYER.

"Faithful is He who calls you, and He will do it."



BenJoin me in praying for Christa, and those across the country and around the world standing the this gap, and for the millions of innocent lives that are in the breach each day..

Thanks for coming by.


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0 thoughts on “Life and Death Everyday – 4

  1. cshowers


    Thank you so much for sharing Christa's letters with us so that we too, can pray for her and for the more than 4000 infants who are slaughtered each year, as well as for their mommies and daddies...

    Much love in Christ,

    1. Ben Nelson

      thank you - I am quite sure God does too - it hits all the big 3 - steel, kill, destroy - and it does that to the babies, the moms, the dads, the nurses and doctors.

      thank you Larry.


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