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Yours Mine and Ours – SoS Saturdays

Indeed, our couch is luxuriant! The beams of our houses are cedars, our rafters, cypresses. (Song of Songs 1:16-17 NASB)

I want to observe a couple very simple points today in this wonderful Song of Songs.

Notice the word that is repeated 3 times in this verse and a half? “OUR”

Our maiden is expressing joint ownership.

In verse 4 she said

The king has brought me into His chambers.

Again in verse 12

While the king was at His table

She began with a longing in her heart to be noticed by Him, to be drawn by Him to run with Him. And in my mind it was a long shot in her heart.

But today she is talking about their couch.

Ok – Couch – some (well most) popular translations have it Bed – speaks of the rest that comes in an assurance in her relationship. No longer is she tentative with Him, wondering if He cares for her, or if it was her imagination that His gaze was toward her.

She can rest

And not just sit alone in a chair, but they are seated together.

It is not the picture of the woman with the alabaster box any more when He sat at the table and she washed His feet with her tears, and ointment, and dried them with her hair. Now they are seated on a couch together.

It is luxuriant and green – green speaks of fruitfulness and life. The abundant life seated with Christ in heavenly places. It is a wonderful picture.

Next we see what she notices about the house – the beams and rafters. It is a strong and secure shelter from life’s onslaught. Cedar and cypress will not rot, and last for ages.

This bespeaks the security we can have when we are in a vibrant relationship with Christ. I do not speak of some security based on a point in your history, where you can say, “I prayed a prayer at such and such a time in such and such a place.”

If your security is based on your past, you might want to look at your surroundings. Are you in a house built by the Master Builder with strong and long lasting cedar and cypress, or are you in a shack on the beach, where the crashing waves threaten every day?

Our girl has the security of position (seated with Christ) and location (in a house prepared for her.)

Come back next week.

BenWe are actually going to start Chapter 2!!!!

See you then


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  1. cshowers

    Hallelujah! What a joy it is to be secure and seated with Christ in heavenly places! I don't ever want to leave that place of security and belonging!

    Many blessings,


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