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I’m Going Fishing ~ Peter

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Simon Peter said to them, “I am going fishing.” They said to him, “We will also come with you.” (John 21:3 NASB)

Does this strike anyone else as a little funny?

Let’s use that old TV show device –

… 2 months earlier

“You are the Christ, the son of the Living God”

… 1 month earlier

“Where would we go Jesus, You have the words of Life!”

… 10 days earlier.

“When Jesus is king, I’m going to be the Prime Minister”

“No – I am”

“Yes I am! I’ll get mom to ask Him!”

… 9 days earlier

“Hosanna in the highest”

… 8 days earlier

“Wow Jesus, You killed that fig tree with just a word”

… 7 days earlier

“Jesus, you smell like that woman that was hanging around”

… 6 days earlier

“Jesus, where should we go for Passover”

… 5 days earlier

“Jesus, You will never wash my feet”

… 4 days earlier

“Who me – I don’t know the man”

… 3 days earlier

“Where will I go, what will I do – He had the words of Life, and now He is dead”

… 2 days earlier

“Alive – He’s alive. Mary, are you sure?

… Yesterday

“Jesus, I can hardly believe my eyes! It’s you!”

… Today

“I am going fishing, anybody want to come?”

Do you see the disconnect here? What is going on with Peter?

Was Peter disillusioned by the fact that Jesus was not stepping into political or religious power? Was Peter simply hanging on in hopes of sharing in Jesus Glory?

What is clear is that Peter is going back to what He really knows, fishing.

Have you been there? I know I have. You get your hopes up on some specific plan you have for Jesus.

You are sure you heard “the word of the Lord” regarding – oh, I don’t know – a healing, a relationship, a business plan, a church plant, maybe even an end of the world date, and it just did not play out the way you were sure it would.

Have you been there?

Or was Peter’s problem closer to home. He had failed Jesus, even though he promised he would never fall in that way. Is that you? I promise Lord, I will never touch another drop, never take another trip, never go to a web site like that again. I promise Lord. Even if everyone else at work is doing it every day, I will never again betray you like that.

Have you been there?

And what’s next – I – I mean you – feel like a failure. You missed God, You broke your promise.

What to do?

Go Fishing! Do what comes naturally – do what you know how to do in the flesh, where you have confidence. You obviously are out of your element over here in the Spiritual realm.

Go Fishing! At least you know how to do that, and you can count on your trade, that which you have learned over the decades, and use the skills you have honed for years.

Here is the kicker – You go fishing, and you don’t get a single stinking fish in your net – all night long. Nope – not one.

Is the Spirit of God pointing His finger at an empty net in your life right now? I believe He is.

But listen. Someone just within earshot is calling out for you to try the other side of the boat.

Here is the deal, once you have taken the plunge into the Spiritual life of a believer, the old things really have passed away, and they will be unsatisfying at best, at worst they will wreck you.

Here is my advice – get to shore, and deal with Jesus, like Peter did. Peter needed the “do you love me” talk, and so do you. Let Jesus apply grace to those wounds – even if they are self inflicted.

The grace of the cross is available today. Jesus is standing at the edge of the lake calling to you.

BenCome and dine.

Thanks for coming by today.


Note - Much of the timeline is purely guess work on my part.


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