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Pastor Wrinkles: The Immediately Of God Pt. 2 | Lillie-Put

Pastor Joe is doing some awesome Red Letter musing over Mark Ch 1 here.
I wanted to reblog incase you missed it.


God has had me in the Gospel of Mark since Good Friday. It was on my third time through the book that I got stuck on the number of times the author used the word immediately in the first chapter. If you missed yesterday’s post you can check it out for yourself here:

Mark uses the word “immediately” 9 times and the term “at once” 1 time in 45 verses. As I said yesterday, that’s a whole lot of immediately in one chapter. In fact if Mark were going into writing class with this chapter the first thing his teacher would probably ask him to change would be the use of this one word. But I have to think that God must have had a reason for telling Mark to use the word over and over again. He must be trying to make some point.

The actual word used 10 times in Mark 1 is the word... Read more -

Pastor Wrinkles: The Immediately Of God Pt. 2 | Lillie-Put.

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