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photo credit: bfick via photopin cc
photo credit: bfick via photopin cc

I was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade when I first memorized Matthew 7:7. It was so memorable too – I mean check it out – it is a verse with a 3-part exhortation, and the first word is an acronym for the three steps in the process. Not only that – even the reference was memorable! All you really had to work on was remembering what book it was in.

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. ~ Matthew 7:7 NASB

I find the placement of this little passage very interesting. Jesus is in a pretty strong bit of teaching moving from judgment above to the requirement of complete Lordship below culminating in the utter ruination of anyone not living a life anchored to Him alone.

Nevertheless, right here in the middle of all that, we have a verse we can teach to 2nd graders.

Sadly it is a lesson we grownups step away from.

Perhaps it is too simple.

Perhaps it is too naïve.

Perhaps it is too unspiritual.

Jesus gives us the most basic plan for life in the kingdom of God. You do remember that this Sermon on the Mount is all about how to live life in the Kingdom of God, don’t you?

So here are some simple kingdom instructions.

  • Ask
  • Seek
  • Knock

Today, let’s take step one.

  • What do you need?
  • What do you want?
  • What is your life missing?

I don’t care if your heart is crying out for finances, or romances, there is one place to start. ASK.

You say, but God knows what I need even before I ask.

Perhaps. – ASK.

You say, God will think I am being greedy.

Perhaps. – ASK.

God might say no!

Perhaps. – ASK.

I have 4 kids (not kids anymore) but there was always one who got new privileges first even though she was not the oldest. Why? Because she would ask. All her siblings would eventually gain the advantages she had, but she would be the ground breaker because she would go to her father, and ask. It did not always work, but that didn’t stop her from coming back again and again asking.

James tells us

You do not have because you do not ask. ~ James 4:2 NASB

Hey – I know there is more to that passage, and there is more to this one too, but we still need to get into our spirits that it is OK to ask.

If there was one thing you could ask God today, what would it be?

What are you waiting for? ASK!

BenCome back tomorrow and let’s see what we find.


0 thoughts on “A.S.K.

  1. jaels

    Another great class, Prof Ben. As I often do, I make an unfortunate connection between earthly parenting and Our Heavenly Father--if we learned early, and hard, that asking for things could get you in seriously trouble, it can be difficult to unlearn this. Of the bounty I received in my "deliverance package" (Mar 2011), probably the best thing I got was the revelation that God is a Good Father and He loves me, and wants to shower me with more Good things; that I never need to fear Him in any way (like asking for what I need)--reverence Him, yes, but fear (as in my home life), Never!

    Thanks, see you manana. God bless you--jael-caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      I hear that - it sadden's me that in this fallen world - many have no idea what a good father would be like, let alone how our good our Father truly is.

      See you soon

      1. jaels

        I think I said that badly--rather than "drawing a connection", what I meant was to draw a distinction between far less than perfect earthly parents, and the Ultimate Perfect Father God. The Eng Major is way tired today--too many staying up till 3 am nights.

  2. Debbie

    Thanks so much, Mr. Ben. I love the way you teach us, in bite sized pieces, that we can take in and digest. You will laugh at me, but I get overwhelmed just with asking Him, when it comes to myself. I start second guessing what I think I need and should ask Him for .. .and then start thinking that I should just be happy with whatever I have, whatever is going on. God bless you as you bring us His Word today . ..ask!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Hey Deb,

      Thanks for your steady and consistant encouragement.
      This is actually a tough thing for us. We go overboard one way or the other - nothing but asking, and then nothing but worship.

      I know this - the Father knows us better than we know ourselves. When i look at David's prayers, I don't see much self examination - i see just tell your Daddy what is in your heart, good or bad, politically correct of down right angry.

      Thanks for stopping by today.



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