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10 Words (ok – sometimes 12)

photo credit: Burkazoid via photopin cc
photo credit: Burkazoid via photopin cc

Jesus gave us 10 words to live by.

  • 10 words to replace fulfill 10 commandments
  • 10 words to replace fulfill 5 major books of the 4 Major Prophets
  • 10 words to replace fulfill the ranting pleading of 12 Minor Prophets
  • 10 words to replace fulfill the wisdom of Solomon
  • 10 words to replace fulfill the inspiration of David

Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. ~ Matthew 7:12

The man on the street gets halfway to fulfilling this. Using natural wisdom they come close.

Parents tell their 4 year olds, “If you don’t want your sister to hit you, then don’t hit her.”

The Wall Street business tycoon twist it into “do it to them before they do it to you.”

But God’s wisdom runs so much deeper than man’s puddle of understanding.

Jesus asks you to demonstrate.

Jesus demands action on your part. It is never simply avoid evil, but do good.

It’s not, agree to go a mile as required, but double down and do more than is expected.
It’s not, don’t cheat your boss at work, but work as though Jesus was signing your paycheck.
It’s not, don’t persecute your enemies, but love your enemies.

This lifestyle – and it needs to be your lifestyle – will change every relationship you have.

There are three four aspects of Jesus’ Great Commandment that I want to poke at this morning, though volumes could, and have been said about this already.

First, notice that it is stated positively. It often get’s turned around into a “don’t do” rather than a “do.” That is a huge mistake. This is where natural wisdom goes logically and tragically wrong.

But the ‘Golden Rule’ we are considering is not natural law, it is a supernatural priority, and that is my second aspect. You cannot do this without the Spirit of God on the inside of you.

Third, unlike many of life’s battles that are played out in your mind, this one takes action. It does not say, "think the best," like Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 13, it does not tell us to hope for the good of others. It tells us to do it. Treat them the way you want to be treated.

Finally, I want to make a suggestion of where to do it.

Yes, it belongs in the business place as Dave Ramsey says in his book, EntreLeadership.

Yes, it belongs in politics. Just imagine an election season where the candidates treated each other the way they wanted to be treated.

Yes it belongs in government! How we treat our poor, our rich, our ally nations, how we treat those who hate our nation.

How about on talk radio? What if the talking heads spoke about those they disagreed with, the way they would want to be talked about? What if their words were honoring, even though they disagreed?

Yes it belongs in your circle of friends. How much easier would it be to avoid that sinful plague of gossip is we treated others the way we want to be treated.

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0 thoughts on “10 Words (ok – sometimes 12)

  1. cycleguy

    How do i want others to treat me? That is the crux of the matter. I am a firm believer we are treated as we treat others. Waiter? Treat them nice. Tip them nice. Watch what happens when you come in the next time. Want my wife & children to treat me well? Treat them with respect. Good words Ben.

  2. jaels

    Oh Ben, you said a mouthful today!! (Must have eaten your Wheaties). Good stuff--I especially like the note that it needs to be a lifestyle--a Habit--and oh, it seems to take so long to learn it...But you know me, I'm willing to keep working at it. The other thing I picked up on was that it's an action --"DO"--not just "think the best, or hope for it" (not wish they'd move out of the complex--guilty!). This little light of mine, I'm committed to letting it shine more brightly--as in "doing".

    Well, I'm late to class today, but I have an excuse--I had a photo shoot, so that I can put a bright new pic of Caddo on the blog (remember that purple scarf ala Alice In Wonderland you wanted to see?); and all of this required calling in a Hollywood makeup person, etc etc etc. We'll see what you think... God bless you and the fam--love, sis Caddo (j/c)

    1. Ben Nelson

      These particular red letters take me deeper every time i read them. Jesus' words are so completely alive, it blows my mind. Keep shinin' girl.
      Can wait to see the results of the hollywood makeup artist.
      Bless you dear one.

  3. Debbie

    Thank you, Mr. Ben! I love how alive you make it for us, like He makes it for you. What hit me today was the "double down and do more than is expected". 🙂 Of course, it seems easier not to .. like with all of this post and the suggestions to use this in our homes, with those closest to us. But so not true! I'm thinking of when our words just aren't heard or received . .this is something that can been "heard". God bless you and yours!
    p.s. Caddo-Jael is looking fabulous here, after her photo shoot!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Oh - i love that you talk about range of influence. When we walk His way, our range of influence increases, and is moved toward life. Really good stuff. Thanks Joy!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Yep - that is in fact the only place it can begin. Every time i try to get it to start somewhere else, I find that plank back in my eye.

      Thanks much for stopping in Patti

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