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Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

I Want to Know What Love Is

I don't usually join in the daily prompts, but this one was way too hard to resist.

I wrote a while back, during a series on the Lord's prayer about Our Fathers Love - here is an excerpt that scratches the surface of God's love:

Many of us know that there are a few Greek words for love, but the one used most often to describe the Father’s love for us is Agape. I learned last night that agape carries with it the idea that the object of this kind of love is not loved for it’s intrinsic lovability. Rather agape is expressed even toward the unlovable.

The best definition I know for this kind of love is this:
Love does whatever is in its power to bring about the best for its object.
Notice I did not say gives the object of love what they want, but what is best for them. The fuller the love, the higher the expenditure of resources involved. What I mean to say is this. If I love you a little, I will expend some of my uncommitted time or energy to see that you are benefited. I will consider what I see as the best outcome for you, and put some of my free resources to work for you. That may be time, money, talent, what ever.
If there is a deeper love (agape) commitment, there will be a higher level of involvement on my part. I will be more focused on what would be best for you, and expend more effort seeing it through.
Now let’s just say I am the One who created you (as well as everything else) and love you unconditionally, with a love that never fails – a love that is stronger than death – a love that can not be separated from Me by anything, created or uncreated – and I know you better than you know yourself, and I understand all possible outcomes of your life. My resources are limitless, and are completely at My disposal to bring about the best outcome for your life.
That is how Our Father loves you.

To see this excerpt in context check HERE.


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