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Break it Up – False Prophets Part 9

photo credit: Woodlouse via photopin cc
photo credit: Woodlouse via photopin cc

So – are you wondering if I will ever move on? I am almost done – just stick with me for a little longer.

As, I am sure you remember, we are responding to Jesus’ words

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. ~ Matthew 7:15-16

by digging through the little book of Jude to find some of the fruit that would identify such a tree – well in all reality we are letting the mirror of the Word give us a peak into our own hearts.

If you came here to load up with ammo to throw at your least favorite prophet, you will have to do some plank removal first.

Anyway – Let’s hear from Bro. Jude:

These are the ones who cause divisions, worldly-minded, devoid of the Spirit. ~ Jude 19

One of the Lord’s core values is community. He went to considerable lengths to break down the formidable wall of sin keeping us out of communion with the Father. If we are to walk with the mind of Christ, this (community) must become one of our core values as well.

When words are used to insert a wedge between brothers, beware! When a message, a teaching, a word of prophecy makes you distrust others who are in Christ, or suspect their intentions, it would be a good time to step back and take it before the Lord.

Check your motives here too. Were you looking for a reason to divide? Looking for an exit strategy? Another one of the Lord’s core values is faithfulness.

Just as Jesus remained faithful to the Father, even when that faithfulness was going to cost Him a visit to the horrible and wonderful cross, so His hope is to find a willingness in us to bear reproach and insult if necessary, to maintain or restore relationship. (please see disclaimer)

God crucified Jesus – He let the Truth spend some time in the grave – in order to restore relationship!

What would you do?

Would you leave your gift at the altar, and go repair a broken friendship before going back to worship?

Beware of words that divide, and God forbid that we should use our own words to maim the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t allow your words to be the spear piercing the side of the Body of Christ. [Tweet This] Don’t use the “sword of the Spirit,” His own word, to tear His body to pieces.

Tomorrow we will look at how Jude tells us we should use our words. I think you will like it.

BenUse good words to good purpose today!

See you tomorrow


--Disclaimer - I am not talking about abuse here - please hear me, I am not suggesting we door matt our way through life as physical or verbal punching bags, there by empowering some creep - got it? Good!

0 thoughts on “Break it Up – False Prophets Part 9

  1. livinginobscurity

    Beware of words that divide, and God forbid that we should use our own words to maim the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t allow your words to be the spear piercing the side of the Body of Christ. [Tweet This] Don’t use the “sword of the Spirit,” His own word, to tear His body to pieces.

    Love this as it so captures the Father's heart. I am so grieved when words, even His Word is used to jab one another. As a disciple of Christ, it ought not be! If it grieves me in such a way, how much more does it not grieve our Heavenly Father. Oh, if the Church could get this one thing right: to love one another, then the world would peek in and desire what we have. This is the travail of my heart, and His!

    Thanks for sharing these words Ben. I know my comment did not address the topic of false prophets, but it is what my heart holds when reading that copied paragraph.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Gayle, Thanks for commenting - your words as always are an encouragement, and the topic was really division, not so much only false prophets. Glad to hear you interacting with His word, and with mine.

      I feel your heart for the Body and share it.


  2. noordinaryjoy61

    A close family member, who is now deceased, was always at the forefront of divisive groups, twice that went on to cause painful splits in the churches in question. He would also have pastors in for a meal from neighbouring congregations for the sole purpose of telling them all the things they were doing wrong. Scripturally speaking, of course. I like what you said about using good words to good purpose. I try to do that all the more because the opposite was always modelled for me. Great post, Ben. Necessary...

    1. Ben Nelson

      Thanks Joy - that guy was me for many years, and i have had to repent more than once. - That's just me trying to grow up - and into the image of Christ.

  3. Larry Who

    "...Beware of words that divide..."

    Can a true prophet's words bring division? The words of Jesus brought division at times. So, the answer has to be "yes."

    1. Ben Nelson

      Fair enough Larry, "I came not to bring peace but a sword" - got it. Important distinction there. But does Jesus, or His body divide within the body itself (and that begs a huge question about where the lines are etc.)

      We - men and women of God MUST discern the body of the Lord and protect its unity. Separation, in church context should only come when heresy prevails, and not at the very first sign of disagreement. There are ambiguities in scripture that we must not divide over.

      I saw a picture the other night of a circle - call it the circle of agreement. This was the area of theology where a few of my fellow believers and I were in solid agreement - the area outside the circle are all the areas where we do not see eye to eye. the inside was essencial points such as the deity of Christ, the lostness of man without Him, the work of the Spirit to save to the uttermost them that are lost, and so on.

      On the outside of the circle were some of the issues that churches divide over such as the specific definition of the Baptism in the Spirit, and other very important issues, that you would not say we have to agree on to be "In Christ"

      I saw in this picture two ways to deal with this circle - we could push from the inside out - stand together where we agree and push on the non-essentials and see how vast our agreement is. When we hit a hard wall, we fall down, but we are both still inside the circle and closer together.


      We could push from the outside in - hit the hard walls - fall down, and be further apart than were started.

      I am going for #1

      Christ's division was cutting between what was bringing life and that which was causing death - i am for it - cut away with the sword of the Spirit - divide soul and spirit.

      Great point Larry - sorry to drone on - spose this should be a post of it's own.

      1. Larry Who

        Also in John 6, Jesus' words divided those who were totally committed to Him and those who were not. It's not always heresy which divides a church, but also commitment.

  4. Caddo-Jael

    Great class, Prof Ben. I'm focused: "community, motives, faithfulness--and use good words for good purpose". (Looks like somebody else had a turn at hijacking class today--smile-smirk...) God bless you and the fam--love, sis Caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      Larry is welcome at the chalk board any time - God is way bigger than my little box, and there are way more sides to all these issues than i understand.

      Thanks for your very focussed synopsis!

      1. Caddo-Jael

        My comment wasn't intended to be snide--just that I'm often the one adding 2 cents or a quarter. Apologies--and edit my words, if that would be best.

  5. cycleguy

    How about words that are just pure poppycock? Not words that divide but words that mislead? Words that are just plain ignorant of Scriptural truth? Words that are "wolves' words?" Those are the words that really fry me. Sorry for venting Ben. You touched a nerve. 🙂

    1. Ben Nelson

      Vent away brother - no worries. I hate it when that stuff get's into our worship music. Ever find yourself singing happy thoughts, and say - Hmmm- i don't even believe this.

      Thanks for taking time to comment Pastor Bill.


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