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Something New!

My Wonderful Bride and I
My Wonderful Bride and I

Today, June 9th 2013

I am celebrating 2 Anniversaries!

Today my beautiful bride and I have been hitched 34 Years! We have 4 great kids and 2 great kids-in-law and thousands of great memories to show for it.

On a much less momentous level, this is also my one year blogging anniversary. I have 536 posts, 3200 comments, and nearly 22,000 page views. Not a horrible first year. Oh - and by the way - that is all thanks to you, my new friends and blogging family.

To celebrate the first, I have signed up for another 34 years, and Corinne is actually taking me off probation.

To celebrate the latter, I am introducing something new here at Another Red Letter Day.

Beginning this week I want to announce a new weekly feature.

I am calling it: Friday Q&A.

Another Red Letter Day Q&A
Another Red Letter Day Q&A

Here is how it is going to work.

On Sunday’s I will post a short invitation for questions.

I will sprinkle some links throughout the week.

On Friday I will pick a few and create a post for each.

Ok – so the fact is I don’t really know everything, though I have thought about a bunch of things over the 30 years I have been at this.

My hope is that these questions will open up some lively discussions on Fridays.

So if you have opinions, especially ones that differ from mine (you know the kind – wrong ones) I am hoping you will join in.

If I have no idea how to answer – I’ll let you know, and we can brainstorm together.

What do you think?

Got Questions?

If I use your question I will make sure to link to your home base – wherever it is.

Only a couple rules.

Be polite.
Be honest.
Be gentle.
Be friendly.

I reserve the right to choose the questions I want, (I am after-all the one holding the chalk) and to delete comments that don’t follow the rules.

Ask away.

BenThanks as always,


0 thoughts on “Something New!

  1. Deborah

    I think it is a great idea! After all, you answered a question I've had for a long time and I am grateful to that revelation!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Thanks much - I am hoping there will be some collaboration too, but i thought it would get some thought provoking and helpful conversations going.
      God Bless you today Deborah - Are you leading worship this morning? (for me at least it is morning)

  2. cycleguy

    Congrats on the years. next Sunday, the 16th, my bride and I will be celebrate 40 years. Another 40? I doubt it, but will take it to the end.

    1. Ben Nelson

      Thanks and Amen - oh and by the way - I am going to be sending all the tough questions to you! 🙂

      Congrats on forty years! That is awesome.

  3. Larry Who

    Happy anniversary. 34 years sounds like a long time for most of us, but from your perspective, it probably seems like it all happened yesterday.

  4. Caddo-Jael

    Happy Anniversaries, Ben--congrats on being taken off probation (too funny)!! Congrats also, on the success of the blog classroom--here's to another good year. God bless you and Corinne--love, sis Caddo

  5. Debbie

    Happy anniversary and what a great idea for your Friday posts! You are really good and gentle at answering questions without making us feel stupid! As I go along in my reading , I will be on the look out for questions to submit. Thanks and God bless you and yours!

  6. livinginobscurity

    Happy Anniversary on both fronts, but 34 years is a testimony in this day and age! My favor and abundance follow you in both endeavors. You are a tremendous blessing to the blogosphere! Look forward to the Q&A


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