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Jesus Moved

Jesus Heals a Leper

Yesterday we noticed the leper's abandon, his desperation in his approach to Jesus. Today we turn to Jesus and get a look at His emotional state.

Have you considered that Jesus had emotions, or do you think that Jesus was more of a Vulcan like Mr. Spock? (of Star Trek fame) Sometimes we blame our bad choices, the things we do in the heat of the moment, on our emotions. And yet Jesus:

  • Was angry or indignant toward the disciples in Mark 10:41
  • Was loving toward an unrepentant sinner in Mark 10:21
  • Wept over Jerusalem in Luke 19:41
  • Wept at the tomb of Lazarus in John 11:35
  • Is called a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief in Isaiah 53:3
  • Is anointed with gladness above His fellows in Hebrews 1:9

And today we see Him moved with compassion.

The fact is that He is described nine times in the gospels as either having or being moved by compassion. Far more than any other emotion, Jesus was moved with compassion.

And moved with compassion, He stretched out His hand, and touched him, and said to him, “I am willing; be cleansed.” ~ Mark 1:41

This phrase “moved with compassion” actually comes from the idea of being moved in the bowels or moved in the inward parts. It is the kind of emotion that you can actually feel.

I am sure you know these emotions, the ones that wreck your appetite, the ones that keep you up at night. For you and me it may be stress or anger or frustration. But the emotion that kept Jesus up at night was compassion.

This compassion that Jesus has for the hurting is best demonstrated as He attempts to drag His own cross through Jerusalem, as He takes lash after lash, as He bears the scorn and shame of the jeering crowd and mocking guards, as He taste the vinegar, as He tastes the wrath of God.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!

BenSee you tomorrow


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0 thoughts on “Jesus Moved

  1. Felecia

    Hi Ben ~ I'm kinda disturbed now about Jesus as Spock - or Leonard Nimoy playing Spock playing Jesus. Yikes! 🙂 Not to change the subject (oops too late) but you mention John 11:35 when Jesus cried outside the tomb of Lazarus. I've been giving this some thought (into my second study of John in as many months) and perhaps you've already done a post on that day (so please let me know how to find it), but why did Jesus cry? Certainly it wasn't for Lazarus because He knew He would raise him for His Father's glory. So was it because of the disbelief of the others? The depth of pain the others were feeling? Or perhaps the disbelief of all humanity? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Hey Felecia - I have been itchin' for a question for my new "Friday Q&A" so if you don't mind too terribly i will tackle this one there.

      I have to say, I love that you see clearly it was not because He was sad about Lazarus, but i have toyed with both of the ideas you mention. I would love to put a link there to your blog as well so folks here can see the great work you are doing there.

      How does that sit with you?


      1. Felecia

        Well certainly I would be honored, Ben, thank you. And I will be blessed to read what your thoughts are on that verse / situation. I know as a young Christian I certainly thought that He cried for His friend Lazarus. But now in my maturity (cough) I am trying to grasp the enormity of His tears. It may be something we can't fully understand until we're with Him.
        ~ Felecia

  2. Caddo-Jael

    I rather like the idea that Jesus was kept up at night, moved with compassion as He watched over me, sat on the edge of my dark and anxious bed--this past week, and Always. Such a good and gentle Father--The weight of that moves me with misty wonder. In case I miss it, Happy Father's Day to you tomorrow, Ben--God bless you. (Thanks for the prayers--love, Cj)

    1. Ben Nelson

      He is a wonderful Father, and i love the picture of Him sitting on the edge of your bed as you go through tough nights. He is wonderful and loves you as His precious daughter.
      Thanks - looking forward to a fam weekend - off to PA to see Father-in-law and cousins - should be a great time.
      And you're welcome!


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