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Jesus Heals a Leper

The stories and news reports were reaching my little village and a spark of hope began to spring up, perhaps for the first time since the day I pulled my shirt over my head to get into bed that night nearly four years ago. My wife asked me about the white splotch under my left arm.

I had to pack my things, leave my home, my wife of nine years, and my three beautiful children, and go live with the lepers.

Some say there is no way out of this village, but I have seen many leave. Their destination? The grave. Welcome to No Hope Flats, my home.

Jesus meets a leper in Matthew 8.

This leper put into words the thought a great number of good God honoring Christ followers have every day:

Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean. ~ Matthew 8:2

A number of things intrigue me about this statement.

He acknowledges Jesus as Lord.
He doesn’t question the ability of Jesus to heal.
He doesn’t actually ask Jesus a question.

He begins on a very good footing. He calls Jesus “Lord.” This is as much a fact today as when He walked the shores of Galilee. Jesus is Lord. As He sat on the hillside teaching, the people could tell – they knew this was not some gifted teacher. The authority, which He carried, declared it.

He had demonstrated right from the start of His ministry that sickness and disease were under His authority, and the leper had, no doubt, heard these stories. He, our leprous friend, does not wonder about Jesus’ ability. He is confident that he has come to the one man who could set him free from this living death of leprosy.

He does however have this HUGE question that is stuck right in the center of his being.

Will He or won’t He?

He does not frame it as a question though. It is almost as though if he asked the Lord the question, it would force an answer, and the thing he dreads even more than living with his disease is going back to a land of no hope.

When Jesus comes on the scene suddenly hope springs up. It stands boldly on our friends splotchy right shoulder saying – ask Him, ask Him, ask Him. But in his left ear he hears some familiar words. I bet you have heard some of these in your left ear.

  • You deserve this disease
  • You certainly don't deserve healing
  • He won’t help the likes of you
  • Maybe if you were a better father (mother, son, daughter)
  • Maybe if you were a better Christian (prayed more, served harder, slept less, ate less)

You no doubt have heard others. That left shoulder liar has a HUGE repertoire to shut down hope.

Today there are a few words I want you to hear. I want you to hear Jesus speak them to you. If you can identify with our leprous friend, I want you to read these next few lines out loud – YES out loud – do it – really – it’s important that you hear Jesus' answer to this unspoken question.

I am willing; be cleansed. ~ Matthew 8:3
I am willing; be cleansed. ~ Luke 5:13
I am willing; be cleansed. ~ Mark 1:41

Just in case you are not sure you understand what Jesus said, here is Matthews account in a few different translations (keep reading out loud – it will help)

I am willing; be cleansed by being cured. AMP
I do want to. Become clean. CEB
I want to! Now you are well. CEV
I want to heal you. Be healed! ERV
I will; be clean. ESV
Of course I want to. Be clean! JBP (I love this one!)
I will; be thou clean. KJV
I do choose. Be made clean! NRSV
Of course I wish to. Be clean. VOICE

Are you getting the point. There is no equivocation here. Jesus takes this non-question, these waves of doubt and hope that are tossing our new friend to and fro, and calms them with this one phrase.

I want you to hear Him speak these words today, and not just in your right ear, but in your inner most being. “I Will, be clean.

BenThanks for coming by today.

See you again soon.


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0 thoughts on “Willing?

    1. Ben Nelson

      I know what you mean - seems to be a kind of evengelical mind set of our times - leaning to believe. Thanks much Pastor Bill, and congrats again!

  1. Larry Who

    Of all the persons in all of creation, the One we should never be afraid to ask is Jesus. He already knows what's in our hearts and minds ahead of time. So, it's not a secret. Just ask. What if He says "no?" Well, what if He says "yes?"

    Great reminder message today. Thanks.

  2. Caddo-Jael

    WOW, this is wonderful, Prof. I think my fave part was the left shoulder liar's reminders which shut down hope. When I need something--something really BIG--the "you don't Deserve it" and "when you Earn it" messages echo from decades. I revert to the battered creature who reasons, "okay, I won't ask for That, it's Too Much--how 'bout just This much, God?" I suspect a LOT of Believers have been settling for 2nd Best so long, it's become a way of life which is NOT Abundant--and not terribly victorious. The timing of this class is interesting, because Jesus and I were just talking about "unmerited favor"--He reminded me how much I enjoy giving to someone "just because" (I love them); just to bless them, make them happy--not because they've earned, or deserve it.

    He told me to "just Ask"--and that He wants to answer with His supply, "Just Because" He loves me. God bless you and the fam--love, sis Cj

    1. Ben Nelson

      You really are a rockstar encourager. It is so important, as you know, to have the body support one another, and i needed to hear this from you today. Thanks sis

      1. Caddo-Jael

        Ohhh, bless your pea-pickin' heart, Bro--I love it when we can exchange encouragement/support. It does me a world of good when you're so responsive to comments--not everyone is so disposed, or maybe doesn't have time....

  3. livinginobscurity

    From His lips through you to my ears. Needed this today Ben as I have been having swelling in my left leg. Started in the knee last week but now spread to my whole leg if on it too much. Been asking Him to just heal it. Will be taking proper medical steps, but believing for my healing so I will not be sidetracked from the things He has called me to do! Thanks for being His mouthpiece!

    1. Ben Nelson

      so glad it was the right time and right place. I actually almost scheduled this post for mid last week, but felt like it should wait till today.

      Father, I want to agree with Gayle for healing in her leg/knee and all - right down to the source. I ask you for Shalom - nothing broken, nothing missing for Gayle today.

      In the name of Jesus!


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