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Friday Q&A ~ 2,000 Years

My dear friend ‘Sis Caddo Jael,’ a wonderful poet and rock star encourager blogs over at “Grace Pieces.” She has an amazing way with words and the ability to draw emotions with words as if they were acrylics and we were her canvas. (Clearly not my gift – LOL)

Here is her question:

I remembered my question, hope it’s not too stupid: Everyone always says, “2000 years ago”, when referencing Christ’s appearance on earth. I heard it again, just this week–but I’ve been hearing the same “2000 years ago” for at least the 47 years I’ve been a Christian. Why is this?

So – out of the gate - no such thing as stupid questions.

First off, we are a lazy bunch, and not too precise. I have been hearing, and probably saying, 2000 years all my life, since my calendar theoretically started counting from the birth (or is it death) of Christ. There is some uncertainty to the exact dates in my mind anyway, so I am not sure I would say Jesus died 1980 years ago, or something like that.

Of course, this was not Christ’s first appearance on earth. There is some disagreement on this score, but I believe that anytime God shows up in human form, it is likely Jesus. Throughout the history of mankind Jesus has been showing up here and there in bodily form.

  • It was Jesus (in my opinion) walking with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.
  • It was Jesus who fashioned the lambskin outfits for them as the first covering for sin.
  • It was Jesus to whom Abraham tithed – the man with the name Melchizedek, King of Salem (aka Prince of Peace?)
  • It was Jesus  - the captain of the Lord Army who met Joshua before the battle of Jericho.
  • It was Jesus, the fourth man in the furnace with Daniel’s friends.

I love these “Theophanies” or better yet “Christophanies”

I have rambled enough on this one – what do you think? Does the 2000 years thing bug you?

Do you have another question you would like to toss about? Click on the Friday Q&A button to the right and let's jump in.

BenHappy Friday and Happy first day of Summer!


0 thoughts on “Friday Q&A ~ 2,000 Years

  1. Larry Who

    In many ways, the Bible is a history book without the precise dates of modern history books. So, if you think the first Pentecost occurred on May 24, 30 AD -as one scholar has written - then go ahead and think it. Thus, you can say, "1983 years, Jesus suffered, died, was buried, and rose again."

    As for me, 2000 years works okay, but like a broken clock, I will eventually be accurate for a short period of time. Then what?

  2. cshowers

    LOL - I don't worry so much about the specific time, because no one knows for sure the exact dates. For one thing, who knows when they started marking time on calendars, and birthdays were not celebrated back then, like we celebrate them now. For another thing, the Jews used a lunar calendar, while the Roman calendar was based on the sun, and since that time, it's undergone more changes. Therefore, the dates don't matter to me nearly as much as just knowing that He did come and He IS coming again. 😀

    Great topic - cudos to Sis Caddo and your answer Ben!


    1. Ben Nelson

      It really is kind of funny that there are folks out there who thing they can pinpoint (or thought they could anyway) exactly when it all ends, but we can't pin point when it started. hmmm

  3. Debbie

    Thank you, Mr. Ben, for another good question and answer time. I think it just is easier for people to say 2000 years! But for those who are seeking Him and don't know Jesus, it could get them wondering about if we are kind of lazy about this, what else are we kind of generalizing about. Just thinking out loud! 🙂 God bless you and your willingness to have a discussion place for us to come.

  4. Caddo-Jael

    Thank you so much, Ben--both for the flattering introduction, and the great answer to my question. I agree with you completely that Jesus is ALL through the Old Testament in what are sometimes referred to as "types" (ex: Joseph was a type of Jesus), so I'm satisfied now that it's merely a convenience to say "2000 years ago", rather than a relevant fact--and I won't go crazy the next time I hear it! This is pretty fun, tossing you questions--I actually have a humdinger of one on my mind, but it would probably require you to at least write a short series on it. If I can hold onto it, I'll include it in my future email. Thanks again--God bless you BIG--love, sis Cj

    1. Ben Nelson

      It is fun, I should probably keep my answers shorter, so people have time to read all the comments, because the comments are rich. I was hoping for engagement, and it seems to be happening.

      I love that you brought types of Jesus into the discussion too - when you factor that in you can hardly read a chapter without stubbing you toe on a shadow.

      in the words of the immortal Tiger: TTFN


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