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Leprosy ~ Friday Q&A

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Welcome to Friday Q&A.

I have no new questions in my mail bag today - ah well. There was a question a couple weeks ago that Brother Larry from Larry Who and I were tossing about. Feel free to jump into the discussion with your opinions or even your empirical knowledge of the subject matter. Larry is the author of many books which you can find on his site, or on and he has a wonderful and challenging blog.

So here is our little conversation - please feel free to join in.

Also - if you have questions of your own that you would like to pose to me - or to the community click the Q&A button to the right and we will give it a go.


Question: Is the leprosy as stated in the Bible the same as what we call leprosy today?

Good question – and i honestly am clueless on that one – Do you have any insight on that?

Leprosy as stated in the Old Testament was more of a skin discoloration or skin condition. (Exodus 4:6) Whereas today’s leprosy involves a nerve problem and leads to a rotting away of limbs, ears, nose, and other extremities.

They don’t seem to be related, but yet, they could be. Not sure about this.

I have heard that too, yet it always seemed pretty desperate when folks got it – like Miriam or Hezekiah, and with Jesus it is listed among the biggies – heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead – so i always thought it fell in there in severity to – like right next to dead – which sounds worse than – say psoriasis.

I agree, but from a Jew’s perspective, they were right next to the dead. They were blemished sheep who were not allowed into the Temple or near other Jews. As far as they were concerned, they might as well have been dead.

Wow – yes good point Larry!

OK - now it's your turn - What do you think, or know?

Thanks for coming by.

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0 thoughts on “Leprosy ~ Friday Q&A

  1. cycleguy

    I have not read any historical stuff about leprosy, but I am inclined to think they are the same. Skin discoloration, smell, loss of limbs, etc. It was more than religious reasons that drove the leper outside and into the leper colony. Also seems to have been contagious. i think it would be interesting to read some of the historical info about it. One thing for sure: it was an ugly disease to have-in every way.

  2. bennetta faire

    I think my Bible notes say "leprosy, OR any kind of skin condition" where "leprosy" was mentioned. I'm sure it's hideously uncomfortable, but the real heartbreak would seem to be the death sentence of isolation.

  3. Debbie

    Well, this isn't much to add, Mr. Ben, but I read a historical fiction book, part of the A.D. Chronicles by Brock and Bodie Thoene, and it was told from a leper's point of view, within a leper colony. They handled it as not just skin discoloration but the loss of body parts too. And the isolation and separation from family.
    Thanks and God bless you!


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