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Sounds like My Mom!

Muth and Fath on their wedding day.
Muth and Fath on their wedding day.

My mom (we call her Muth) is the best. She is 88 now and still going strong. She is always thinking of others. She is one of the friendliest people I know. She can make friends in any circumstances. She is always positive. In 55 years I have never seen her in a bad mood. Sure I have seen her sad, and a time or two in my childhood I got her a bit hot under the collar, but all in all, she always lived with a positive outlook. As you can see in the photo, she has a great sense of humor too.

For instance, she was always having folks over for dinner. I can hardly remember a Sunday Afternoon Meal when we did not have some guest at the table with us. Even for "family" type meals like Thanksgiving and Easter there was company for dinner. But she had this apron she would wear when company was around. It said in big bold letters, "Who invited all these tacky people?" Oh Muth...

Her most striking characteristic by far though is her servant’s heart. She was always involved in things at church, but then she would just do things that no one was even aware of.

One example of this was the metal folding chairs at church. Our church was built in the late 60’s so we have hundreds of folding chairs for our “Fellowship Hall” where we hold dinners, or meetings, or what ever.

Muth at my daughter's wedding, Aug 2011
Muth at my daughter's wedding, Aug 2011

These are not the most comfortable chairs in the world, and after about 15 years the padding and naugahyde covers were getting warn down, and beat up.

My mother would take 4 of these chairs home every so often and she bought up bolts and bolts of replacement naugahyde and stacks and stacks of foam rubber. 4 by 4 these chairs were transformed from the cheap wood grain cover they were purchased with to a hefty brown or gray.

She would then sneak them back into the church, and TAA DAA, new chairs. To this day every one of these cushioned fabric chairs bears the mark of my mom, and aside from the fact that I brag on her, no one has any idea what happened.

The last phrase in this encounter with Jesus makes me think of her.

And He touched her hand, and the fever left her; and she arose, and waited on Him. ~ Matthew 8:15

Yep – that’s my mom.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my mom.

That’s it for today.

It doesBen me good to think about Muth.

See you again soon.



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  1. Pure Glory

    Wonderful praise and honoring your Muth! What a woman who changes her world, on chair at a time. Her love of life and care and love shines through this post!

  2. bennetta faire

    WOW. The wedding picture is adorably fun, and she sounds like a true saint. I'm guessin' you're already well on your way to being Muth, Jr, Ben. God bless you and the fam today--Happy Fourth. love, Cj

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