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Toolbox – Blue Letter Bible “Interlinear”

 photo credit: oskay via photopin cc
photo credit: oskay via photopin cc

I am thrilled to introduce a new feature at Another Red Letter Day (.com) - My tool box. See the page "My Tool Box" in the header for a description of what I am up to.

I am planning on doing a number of these “tool” posts, but I figured I would start with the one I use the most. I probably use the Blue letter Bible's Interlinear tool at least 3 times a week, and when I am doing a lot of writing, more like every day.

Here is a short tutorial on how to use this wonderful tool, and some of the great ‘extra features’ that you may not have noticed.

First off – you need to head over to (by the way – the capital letters are totally optional they just make it easier to read – on the internet anything before the first slash is not case sensitive – after that slash it makes a difference.)

[Please note – my screen shots are valid today only – web sites change, so if you are looking at this at a later date, you may have to adjust]

Ok – so we are off and running you should see something like this…

[Hahaha – that’s really funny – so – I finally start my blue letter bible tutorial, and I see a banner for a beta of a new version – what to do – I will tell you what – let’s try the new version and see if I can still find all the coolness I have come to expect – you in?]

BLB Home Page
BLB Home Page

You will see I have NASB as my default translation. You can set your own in the settings tab, but that is for another day. For now - you can choose your favorite from the drop down list.

Next simply type in the verse or an abbreviation in the search box. It can also do very sophisticated word or phrase searches, but that again is for another day.

For this demo I am going to Romans Chapter 8 - so I typed "rom 8" in the search and pressed enter.

Here is what comes up next:


There is so much to talk about here, but for today, I want to limit my attention to the interlinear tool. This is so simple now on their new interface, because the interlinear tool is their default.

All you have to do is click the "tools" button, and you will see an interlinear display. Let's break it down a bit:

Interlinear viewWhat you are looking at is the English words on the left and the Greek word from the original text on the right. I usually default to "reverse interlinear" which means the words are in the order found in the English version. If you click the "interlinear" button it will set it up in the actual order of the Greek text.

In the center are 2 columns - 1 with the Strong's Numbers, and one with a little box that says PHR - this is the phrase search. If you wanted to see where the english phrase listed appears in the Bible it will pull up matching listing for you.

But the sweet spot is that Strong's number. You are one click away from a huge wealth of information.

Go ahead - Click it!


OK - here we go -

  1. The transliteration of the Greek or Hebrew word
  2. A pronunciation guide, and even an audio link to a guy saying the word for you.
  3. Root word if any so you can see where it comes from
  4. VinesVines dictionary link - you can click and get a pop-up with Vines actual entry for this word.
  5. Thayer's Lexicon entry - this is a graphic image, and if you click this link, you will get the full entry, basically detailing every time the word is uses, and the sense of the original language for each. This and Vines were always out on my desk when I was studying with analog media.
  6. This is also very cool. You can search the bible based on the Strong's number. This means rather than looking up say "love" and all the places love is used, you can look up Strong's "g26" which is the number for 'agape,' and get just the love you were looking for.

So there you go. That is all for today, but this program is so powerful, and there are still dozens of great tools in here. Stay tuned for future tool box posts. You will be able to find them in my tool box on the main page of my blog, so as I add posts... well let's just say you can borrow my tools anytime you like.

Ben NelsonEnjoy,


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  1. cshowers

    Awesome, Ben. I use and, to study, but will definitely check this new one out. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to seeing more of your tools. 🙂

    Blessings to you brother,


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