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Six Lies ~ Free Book Tomorrow!

I want to share a wonderful book I read (listened to) this week.

I met Steve Bremner on Twitter this week, and for signing up for his newsletter I received an audio copy of his book:

Six Lies People Believe About Divine Healing

I love this book. Steve does an outstanding job bring the light of the Bible to some extremely common misconceptions about divine healing.

He does word studies from the original language and teaches from both Old and New Testaments to expose six common errors of interpretation.

Here are the lies he debunks:

It’s Not God’s Time to Heal Me

I’m Not Good Enough to Deserve Healing

God is Teaching Me A Lesson Through Sickness

Sickness is Merely the Way Some of Us Die

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be Healed

I Didn’t Get Healed the First Time Around so it Must Not be God’s Will to Heal Me

If any of these statements ring true with you, I would highly recommend this book. Read it with an open mind and an open Bible and see what Steve has to say.

If you, like me, already believe in divine healing, but would like to see more, and gain a deeper revelation, give this book a read.

Steve’s casual writing Style makes it an easy read.

But here is the big news – This Tuesday Amazon is giving the electronic version away for free!

Ben NelsonEnjoy!



0 thoughts on “Six Lies ~ Free Book Tomorrow!

  1. Steve Bremner (@StephenGBremner)

    Just FYI, as the author of the book, I'm totally indebted to Ben for sharing this with people. I can't prove it with how many people graciously shared the link to this book, but I'm willing to bet a significant portion of the downloads were thanks to your enthusiasm about it.

    Bennetta Faire, As for the hard copies. You are encouraged to read the book however you want! I just am not quite able to offer print copies as freely as the digital copies.

    Blessings to you both!

    1. Ben Nelson

      Thanks much Steve. I am honored that you stopped by and the personal comments and help. I love you heart to see folks set free by the Truth (and His name is Jesus!)



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