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A God with a Strategy

This morning I was reading along in 2 Samuel 14. I had forgotten to ask the Lord to open my eyes before I started so I stopped at about verse 12. It was a story that was not ringing a bell, so I stopped and said to the Lord something like “will you show me what this is about.”

Aren’t you impressed with the way I speak to God – LOL – but hey, that was really about it.

Now a caveat here – in the past I have usually read in the KJV, so this was a bit different in the NASB but I am sure I have never seen this verse before. Then I looked at the NIV and was blown away by what I found – check out the 2nd half of 2 Samuel 14:14

But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him.

In the context David was estranged from Absalom, his beloved son and Joab was using an allegory to evoke his emotions and allow Absalom to return.

But look at this verse!

God devises ways to reconcile those estranged from Him. [Tweet This] He is not looking to kill them but reunite.

Today, is there someone you are praying for who is estranged from the Lord?

Remind Him using His word, the way Joab sent a reminder to the King with this story.

Clearly God’s plan is and always has been Jesus. The cross is the way he devised to reconcile the wanderers to Himself. But today, He is still planning and executing His plan to draw the wayward ones to Himself.

Lord, I know your heart is planning ways to draw those I care for home. Help me to join with you, partner with you in your plan of reconciliation and restoration for those I love.

Hey – thanks for stopping in today.

Take time to Worship Him and sit under His word this weekend. Be in fellowship, and love one another.

Thanks for reading today.

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0 thoughts on “A God with a Strategy

      1. bennetta faire

        Not right now--BUT when you come up for air again, please read my "EEE Challenge"; it flies as a testimony. Will post shortly, but I'm putting no burden of haste, demand on you.

  1. joseph elon lillie

    I loved this Ben. I was really challenged by it too because there is someone I have become frustrated with praying for. The wounds go deep and I had left off praying. I realize now there is work to do in me and it starts with returning to prayer.

  2. livinginobscurity

    Love this treasure hunt you were on, and that the treasure was revealed! God's nature is always good. Once again revealing Himself as the One who reconciles! Where else can you find Love like that!
    Thanks for sharing the treasure Ben!

  3. Martha L Shaw

    Amen! Oh, and I pray "that way" too and honestly, brother, I think He likes it! He desires our authenticity and to read a prayer from a book, while beneficial, isn't like sitting with Abba and having a heart to heart!


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