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Partnering with Papa

“I Shall Be Whole” { The Woman with an Issue of Blood } Painted by Al Young
“I Shall Be Whole”
{ The Woman with an Issue of Blood }
Painted by Al Young

Immediately Jesus, perceiving in Himself that the power proceeding from Him had gone forth, turned around in the crowd and said, "Who touched My garments?" - Mark 5:30

Yesterday we looked at how the woman with the hemorrhage was able by faith to tap the power of God that was resident in Jesus. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

I think what Jesus did is super informative for us.

Jesus saw what the Father was doing and joined. There are times – maybe most of the time – that Jesus was way ahead of the crowd, but somehow, this time, Jesus was not aware ahead of time what the Father was going to do.

Does this seem like blasphemy to you? I promise I am not going for blasphemy. I believe Jesus is God, that He is the 2nd person of the Trinity. I believe He created all things, and that He is eternal.

Here is an important point of theology though. When Jesus walked the earth, He did not stop being God, but He limited His use of the supernatural to only what was possible for a human who was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Rather than Jesus being a magic man, doing miracles by His own creative and redemptive power as God, He did miracles by the Spirit using the power of God. He saw what the Father was doing, and joined Him. Jesus partnered with the Father to do every miracle He did as He walked the streets of Galilee.

And in the story we are pondering currently of the woman with the hemorrhage, the power had already flowed from Jesus into the woman when Jesus picked up on what the Father was doing.

He immediately saw what was happening, and joined it. He confirmed what He was with the Father in four ways

  1. He told her to have courage – “Daughter, take courage” (Matthew 9:22)
  2. He told her what happened – “your faith has made you well” (Luke 8:48)
  3. He spoke peace into her life – “go in peace” (Luke 8:48)
  4. He sent her away with the expectation that not only the bleeding, but the horror that had been her life for twelve years was now over. “be healed of your affliction.” (Mark 5:34)

Lord, I want to be so full of the Holy Spirit that others can tap into it. Let it be a river flowing out of my inner most being into a dry and thirsty land. Lord, I want to be attentive to what you are doing with that river, where it is flowing, so I can speak into the lives you are changing around me with Your words of life.

Ben NelsonThanks for coming by.

See you again soon.


8 thoughts on “Partnering with Papa

  1. Felecia

    I'm down with this. No smiting is going to occur today! You and I only differ on the nuance of Jesus "knowing" who touched Him. But Jesus operating only through the power of The Spirit does speak to all those who ask "if He is God why didn't He just ..."
    I'm going to use a bit of this teaching (giving you credit if course) on my blog b/c it's what God showed me after the incidents last Sunday. I wanted to get into an elite educational program at church and didn't (mainly b/c of the critical stance I took in another blog post) but God's Holy Spirit worked through me in two separate instances afterward - perhaps to remind me of my reason for being.
    Blessings to all ...

    1. Ben Nelson

      Honestly, I do go back and forth on what jesus knew in this case, but I do believe that if He knew it - it was not because He was "all knowing" - i really hold to the idea that Jesus learned, and was taught and listened to the Spirit and the voice of His Father. that idea has gotten me in some trouble in the past.

      I am sorry for your disappointment. God will increase the reach of your voice in spite of those who don't appreciate it.

      Oh - and glad to hear there will be no smiting.

  2. Sister Mayfield

    Awesome Word! Thanks for letting God use you! Powerful declaration & prayer at the end. I too, want to be so full of the Holy Ghost, that I flow in the direction God is moving & do His will at ALL times. In the name of Jesus. It is so! Amen. Thanks, again Brother Nelson. Grace & Peace.


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