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The (2nd Annual) Thankful Project – the results show!

And Now for the Results:

Here is the project:

Before (or after) Thursday November 28, come up with

a number of things you are

thankful for that is equal to the number of

Thanksgivings you have been

on the planet.

For me 55 - woohoo!

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name.  

Psalms 100:4 

So - here are my 55 thankfulnesses

(some are repeats and some are fresh)

Honestly, as I look over last years list, it makes me so thankful, and though there is so much more I can rejoice in, so many of these are fabulous. Ah well (I suppose i could add - I am thankful for cut and paste?)

Here goes:

55 reasons to be thankful:

1)    Jesus - my Savior, my Master, my Friend, the Lover of my soul

2)    Father – my Creator, my Sure Foundation

3)    Holy Spirit – my Strength, my Guide, my Teacher, my Comfort

4)    The Bible

5)    Corinne, my wonderful, patient, and loving wife

6)    My parents – I am so thankful to have been raised in a Christian Home by loving parents

7)    Christopher my #1 son, the child of my youth. We grew up together (mostly,) and Emily my bolt of raw energy daughter-in-law.

8)    Jessica my dear sweet strong woman of God and beautiful daughter and Zach her brilliant husband.

9)    Joshua my math genius son and God’s firebrand.

10) Sarah my sweet soprano daughter – I like to say she is a puzzle piece with connections on all sides. Her sweetness makes her irresistible as a friend.

11) My Father-in-Law and his dear wife Issy.

12) My Mother-in-Law who is worshipping Jesus in his presence

13) David and Janice my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

14) Larry and Helen my dear friends who care for my soul.

15) Kim and Sherri – mentors and friends – led me out of darkness and into this glorious light.

16) Mark and Sabra – friends for decades. Friday Night Bible Studies on Sunday afternoon at their house year after year.

17) Jon and Thess – friends for decades. Sharing life with friends and seeing them grow as a family and as godly parents.

18) Chet Klope my Pastor. He has a heart that beats for what God cares about - the souls of men and women.

19) George my boss for 23 years.

20) Dave my colleague, friend, and the one who keeps me on task at work, and a great team in the IT group.

21) Pascack Bible Church – my Church home.

22) My home church (small group.) A wonderful family with whom to worship, pray and study - oh and eat!

23) Social Networks Like twitter and Facebook, where I am making new friends and reconnecting with old.

24) Some new friends that have come into my life in the past year like Felecia, Patricia, and Jason.

25) For friends who have stuck with me from my earliest blogging days, and love me in spite of myself, like Caddo, Deb, Cheryl, and Joe

26) My brother and his wife David and Cathy who have been so strong in my mom’s life, and who I have looked up to since I was a little boy.

27) My brother Stephen and his wife Cindy, who is a constant encouragement to me. Steve was probably my first ever best friend.

28) My brother elders at PBC who make community the priority, and make hard decisions doable.

29) My outrageous salvation - Jesus saved me to the uttermost, and I so did not deserve that.

30) My eyes. I am so thankful for the ability to distinguish colors and details. Sight is a wonderful gift.

31) My hearing. I learn best when my ears are engaged. I love to listen to books, music, teaching or just talk.

32) Singing. I am so glad I can sing, and am allowed to once in a while.

33) The great wealth of Worship music that is flowing from the heart of God into the Church these days

34) Jesus Culture

35) Misty Edwards

36) Rick Pino

37) Everything that flows out of Bethel

38) Everything that flows out of IHOP KC

39) The ability to work with fun new technologies on a regular basis.

40) I am thankful for the huge variety of ethnic foods available in these parts (ie - Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Greek, Thai,)

41) So thankful my Son-in-law and Daughter Zach and Jess are coming east for the Christmas

42) The ability to write and the ease with which we can now share our hearts through blogging

43) Games - love family games of all sorts

44) Laughter - that goes with games and families

45) with that - I also am thankful for humor. Including great comedians of the past like Danny Kaye, Victor Borge, Mel Blanck, Jim Henson.

46) Movies - sometimes I just love to get carried away into a movie - be it SC-Fi, Fantasy, RomCom, or Drama

47) Podcasts - this year I have gotten hooked on a number of podcast, and am hoping to start my own in the new year. (stay tuned)

48) The Blue letter Bible ( - the is the most functional and useful study tool I have ever found, and believe me, I have tried a bunch of them. It does not have every translation imaginable like (for which I am also thankful), but the other tools that are so closely linked, and so easily used make it far superior in almost every aspect.

49) (see, i told you)

50) Google - I can't believe how easy it is to get information about anything in the world.

51) Amazon - and then to buy it

52) Youtube - and then to learn how to use it

53) Free book days at Amazon

54) My wonderful niece who is, as we speak, editing my soon to be released book. (Get ready, you're going to love it)

55) and my biggest, newest greatest thankfulness is reserved for my brand new Grand Baby coming any day now. Whoo Hoooo!!!

Have a super blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and loved ones, and don't eat so much you are miserable.

Ben NelsonThanks for stopping in.




Thanksgiving photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc
Turkey photo credit: cyanocorax via photopin cc

9 thoughts on “The (2nd Annual) Thankful Project – the results show!

  1. Caddo

    Happy Thanksgiving, bro! Great list. As always, I have to thank HIM for GRACE--I don't know how HE, or anyone else, puts up with me. His blessings and Favor have just fallen all over me this year--it's overwhelming, and so amazing, I just keep pinching myself. God bless you and the fam SO BIG--very excited with you for the newcomer! love, sis Caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      Amen - thank you Jesus for GRACE! and the newcomer is close - My poor daughter-in-law is ready to pop - but she is feeling great - so we are super thankful for that for sure.

      Bless you sis, and there will be news soon!

      1. Caddo

        I was thinkin' 'bout her today, wondering if she could get to the table--and if she was even hungry. So I'm relieved to hear she's feeling great--that's the best news.

  2. Felecia

    I'm so humbled to have made your thankful list! What a blessing you've been, Ben, and in such a short period of time I've learned and laughed and shook my head furiously. Yeah ... I hadn't told you about that. 🙂
    Here's to another year of wonderment in God's arms.
    XO to you from your Sister in Christ,

      1. Felecia

        Isn't that funny? Don't you sometimes wish you could watch people as they read your posts? Anywho - I'm pretty sure I follow the Jason you mention (Jason Neil Soto?) but who is Patricia so I can read her too. Thanks!


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