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Looking at me through Jesus colored glasses?~ SoS Saturday

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Remember the old cereal boxes where there would be a secret message hidden on the outside of the box, and “magic” glasses enclosed so you could “decode” the secret.

lucky_charms_magic_glasses_-_Google_Search[Spoiler alert – I am about to give away the trick] They would print the message in red, and obscure it with blue ink, and give you red glasses to don in order to receive your “private” message.

The simple trick employed here is that when you put on the “magic” glasses, which were simply blue cellophane, your eyes could no longer see the blue ink, and so the red secret was revealed.

Today we hear the Shepherd King say to His Shulamite Bride:

You are altogether beautiful, my darling,
And there is no blemish in you.

Song of Songs 4:7

Knowing that this is Jesus speaking to me, I wonder if He is wearing those red cellophane glasses. How can He look at me and not see the mess I have made of so many situations.

Doesn’t He see the people I have hurt with my sarcastic “whit” and sharp tongue?
Doesn’t He see the promises I have not kept?
Doesn’t He see the lies I have told, and the truth I have withheld?
Doesn’t He see the lust that lies beneath the surface?
My laziness?
My apathy?
My selfishness?

How can He possibly say I am altogether beautiful and there is no blemish in me?

Does Jesus really not see any of this?

Let me lay out one of those massive scripture tensions for you, and I think it will help here. This is actually one of those points where if you take one line of theology and run with it in either direction you will end up in error, so let’s see if we can get right in the middle of it, and push out toward the edges.

On one hand we have this truth:

He [God the Father] made Him [Jesus] who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we [us] might become the righteousness of God in Him [Jesus.] - 2 Corinthians 5:21 [bracketed text, mine]

God actually did make Himself a pair of sin colored glasses. Jesus had two “mount of transfiguration” days in His life on earth. Once with the boys when He met with Moses and Elijah to chat about the other, the day He was transformed into sin, so that the Father could look upon you and I and see Jesus.

So then, it is clearly true that when God looks at us He can no longer see our sin, right? How is it then that the Holy Spirit can so precisely convict me of the areas in my life where I am still entangled? If God forgot my sin, how does He lead me to further freedom by that wonderful path of conviction and repentance?

God knows us altogether, inside and out, and is aware of every fault, every sin, every shadow of turning that remains in us. His wonderful destination for us is, in fact, Christlikeness!

When the scripture tells us God will not remember our sin:

"They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, 'Know the LORD,' for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them," declares the LORD, "for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more." - Jeremiah 31:34

it is not saying He cannot remember, or He forgets, it is saying He chooses not to call to memory, or better, He does not remember it against us, or use it as an accusation.

When our accuser stands before God and says:

“Your honor, the defendant lied, and Your word says all liars must go to hell.”

Then your memory kicks in and says:

“Yes Lord, it’s true, I’m guilty as charged. I do in deed deserve to go to hell. I am not worthy to stand before you here today.”

God does not say “No he never told a lie, your both confused” Rather, the judge, that High King of Heaven, looks at His book, see the offence, and can clearly see that it has been blotted out, and obscured by the words “paid in full.”

Well – that is the way it plays out in my mind anyway.

Let me be clear here. I don’t believe we can hide behind a cardboard cut out of Jesus, and just continue to sin, counting on God’s forgetfulness to get us into heaven.

God is working in us to perfect us. The conviction of the Holy Spirit works to create a spotless bride for Jesus. He brings to mind the things that are broken in us, like my list above, and walks us through repentance so we can be free, and grow into the beauty that only He can see in us today.

Will you pursue the beauty that God can already see in you? [Tweet This] Will you run hard after Him with me today, and allow Him to create the spotless bride He sees?

Lord, I thank You that You do not hold my sin against me, and that You have a plan that culminates in Christ’s image in me. Lord, help me to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as You create in me a clean heart.

Ben NelsonThanks for stopping by today.

Come back again soon.


Note: For a look at how conviction and repentance leads to true freedom check out this article:  Repentance – the path to Comfort

6 thoughts on “Looking at me through Jesus colored glasses?~ SoS Saturday

  1. Felecia

    Well, I agree and am glad that you got to the part ... God does not "forget" our sin - He "remembers it no more" because there is a difference. God chooses to remove it from us when He looks at us, when He considers us, and certainly at Judgment Day. Yes, Ben, I will run hard with you today after Jesus ... just let me put this cardboard cutout in my closet.

  2. Caddo

    I am ever, and daily, grateful that God sees me through the perfect righteousness of Jesus. Frankly, I'd love to have a pair of magic glasses, so that I'd see folks the way He does--through eyes of Love and Grace, rather than the critical judgment seemingly stuck in my eye sockets. But even as I confess that unlovely, despicable trait--I am confident in my hope that HE is transforming me by His Holy Spirit, from glory to glory. I'm thankful He shows me proofs that I'm not the same person I was a year ago--so I can look forward to improving still more. But we don't get that "glory to glory" deal by looking at ourselves with a critical eye--only as we "Behold Jesus", and receive His grace, His finished work, does that mystifying glory fall down on us like renewing mist. God bless you BIG--love, sis Caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      Excellent, excellent - well said Caddo! Great point about - not looking inward - i am with you on that. I do find if i am walking with Him, He will make sure I know what to work on.

      Bless you - have a nice trip to Singapore tomorrow! (did i get that right?)

      1. Caddo

        I did 2 hrs in TX and 2 hrs in Singapore today--and I'm such a hog, I'll probably go back for more of both or either tomorrow!! Most "kids" can't wait to go to the circus--this one lives for weekend Church!! Bless you Back!!


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