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Sabbath – Pre-Ramble


As I said last week, I have been pondering this idea of Sabbath for a week or so, and spent a few hours looking through the scriptures to see what the Word has to say about this idea.

I have learned that, for one thing, it is of great importance to the Lord.

I have also seen it turn back in on what He has been teaching me (or trying to teach me, anyway) about how to walk out this Christian life.

If you will allow me, I would like to take this week’s blog posts and lay out what I have been finding. If I dump it all into one post, it will be way to big, and I am afraid it would be too hard to follow.

The danger I face with breaking it up is that you may only get a snippet of the whole idea. Ah – What’s a blogger to do?

Ben NelsonSee you in the morning for an Old Testament survey of the Sabbath.


6 thoughts on “Sabbath – Pre-Ramble

  1. Caddo

    My advice, though you didn't request it--go for the bite-size posts. I'm confident you'll acquit yourself excellently. God bless you BIG (it's almost baby day)--love, sis Caddo

    1. Ben Nelson

      Thanks Caddo - as you will see, i tried for bite size, but as usual my words get away from me. I will settle for a happy medium of sorts.
      Blessings on you kiddo.


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