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Milk and Honey and Giants

The purpose of leading the Israelites out of Egypt wasn’t just to get them out, it was to get them in. ~ Diane Reid

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a line from a recent blog from DevoMom. You can read it here.

Yesterday I was tip-toeing around my point, but today I will just jump in.

Much of the history of Israel that is recorded for us in Holy Scripture is there as type and shadow. It is there to teach us, or prepare us for what we are living in now.

I want you to understand friends, that the land of promise is not the sweet bye and bye, but a picture of the Spirit filled life of the believer.

Moreover it is a picture of war!

This is of huge importance dear ones.

God said to Joshua

Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you, just as I spoke to Moses. - Joshua 1:3 NASB

And yet every thing they received from the hand of God, they had to contend for. And not just to get it in the first place, but to hold on to it.

The Philistines were trying to take back what Israel took from them from the day Jericho fell until the day – well – until a day that has not yet arrived.

What are you saying Ben?

I hear Christians talk about the promises of God in a totally different light.

If God wants me to have it, He will give it to me.

I thought I was healed, but I found my self with the same sickness again.

If God wanted me to be rich, He would provide a better job for me.

I am just waiting on God…


God says:

I gave this land to your forefathers as a possession forever.

Peter said to them, "Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. "For the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself." - Acts 2:38-39 NASB

God says:

It belongs to YOU. Every step you take into the land of promise is yours.

But you must go in.

You must take it.

You must fight for it (using God’s weapons and strategies – not your own striving)

You must keep it.

You must contend.

You must not relent.

Today beloved, we take a stand.

Today brothers and sisters, we take the land.

Come Holy Spirit!

Thanks for coming by today.

Ben NelsonSee you again soon.

Until then, I remain,

your brother Ben.

15 thoughts on “Milk and Honey and Giants

  1. Mirada

    Guess I'm gonna have to take exception here: There are diseases, conditions, illnesses that though we believe we've been healed, they recur--this happens regardless of all the spiritual sweating to maintain the healing, which is what I'm hearing--maybe incorrectly. It's not a comfort, or edifying to me, to think that I'm sick again because I didn't work to maintain the healing. I KNOW how hard I work, and better yet, so does God.

    1. Ben Nelson

      I get you here for sure. Not about our sweat, and there are far too many times I don't see what i know belongs to me because of what Jesus did.

      i am not, and will not be offended in Him, nor will i assume the problem is on my end. But i will continue to contend for the promises of God as best I know how, with the weapons I have - His word in my lap, His praise on my lips, His joy in my heart.

      Is that fair enough?

      1. Mirada

        Works for me--on behalf of chronic illness sufferers, I feel an obligation to speak up. Too often preachers make folks more miserable, decimate their often fragile faith, with distorted messages. We are not going to have perfect health and wholeness while we live in human, earthly bodies--only when we get our new redeemed ones, is my understanding. Even my fave preacher lays it on a bit unrealistically, suggesting Believers don't have to get sick or even older..... Thanks for letting me say my piece, and remain peaceful.

        1. Ben Nelson

          You're always welcome. And I do get it. I spend a lot of time encouraging folks who struggle with on-going pain and disease that just won't let go, including some very close. And we keep on asking, seeking and knocking, but allow love for the Lord to grow in spite of what feels like a "no" from God.

          I have been in meetings where folks who have been folks who have suffered for decades have been healed, so I keep on asking.

          1. Mirada

            Oh, there's no lack of love for the Lord in the midst of my struggles. I know that I know that I know that He loves me and never leaves me for a second--and We find ways to persevere and even have FUN till I get to the next Faith milepost. I surprised myself with a measure of gained maturity when this last go-round began: I said, "Okay, Lord--show me what I need to learn; I know you'll have souvenirs for me to share!" But I'm no saint--in between those moments I'm begging Him to take me Home.... So, I'll keep on asking--and remain content anyway.

              1. Mirada

                Thanks bro--I owe everything to HIM--just can't keep a joyful sis down for long (that's the very short version of my testimony! maybe I should write a book.....)


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